Svetlana Loboda – biography and personal life

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Svetlana Loboda - biography and personal life

The biography of Svetlana Loboda is of interest to many people, since the singer is becoming more and more popular every year. As a songwriter, the girl has achieved a lot. Over the years of building a career, Svetlana Loboda was able to gain a large number of fans, regularly hitting the top charts of music platforms. Let’s talk more about Svetlana Loboda – biography and personal life

Childhood and youth

An important stage in the biography and personal life of a woman is the period of childhood and adolescence. The future pop star was born in 1982 in Kiev. One of the unusual facts of her birth is loud crying. His mother noted the singer in the delivery room, jokingly that the girl would go to her grandmother.


Loboda’s grandmother devoted her youth to pop singing. But she was forced to end her career, because her lover demanded it.

When Svetlana learned to speak, she sang constantly. The family did not forbid the baby to develop ligaments. Constant practice had a positive effect on the future career building.

The parents decided to send little Sveta to a music school. Constant workload, piano lessons, singing and conducting were very tiring. More than once the girl ran away from classes and tried to stop studying at a music school. But the grandmother constantly returned the future professional singer to the class.

In parallel with music, the girl went in for sports. The parents sent the baby to the figure skating section. However, Sveta’s relationship with skates did not work out. One day she was injured by falling on the ice, knocking out her front teeth. The singer did not want to return to big sports.

After studying at school, Svetlana entered the Variety and Circus Academy. The teachers were delighted with the girl’s dedication and her desire to study.

The beginning of the creative path

Svetlana began to think about building a career in her first year. The girl wanted independence and personal income. This led Svetlana to the Cappuccino group. During her studies, the girl could only dream of such an income.

While participating in the group, Loboda had the first fans. But the constant employment quickly exhausted the singer. She was tired of touring and performing. Svetlana understood that fees alone were not enough for her to continue to remain in the project. For this reason, she made the decision to leave the group.

Comparing the photos of the girl in her youth and now, we can say that these are 2 different people. Then she wore red hair, and her face had not yet been touched by a beautician.

The next time on stage Loboda appeared in the guise of a British singer. She performed under the pseudonym Alicia Gorn. It was originally conceived as a one-time gamble. But the profitability of the project prompted the girl to hold several concerts. Soon Svetlana realized that the image does not bring her pleasure. The artist disappeared abruptly, without explaining the reason.

The next stage in the development of Loboda’s career was a performance in the musical “Equator”. The girl got the main role. This work interested young Svetlana and made her slow down for a while. But the production was not profitable, so the girl had to create her own group. And in 2003, a project by Svetlana called “Ketch” appeared, on the creation of which the girl spent 3 days.

Participation in the group “VIA GRA”

At one of the concerts of Svetlana’s group, the girl was noticed by the producer of VIA Gra. At that time, Meladze was looking for a replacement for Anna Sedokova. The red-haired beauty with an ideal figure and voice was suitable in all respects, so she was invited to the casting.

Even while studying at the academy, the girl argued that she would become a member of one of the sexual groups. If she sings in a group for more than 6 months, she will win a red convertible.

Svetlana’s casting was successful. There was a lot of work to be done. The members of the group needed to change the repertoire for a new vocalist as soon as possible. However, Loboda was not afraid of labor. She was ready to work around the clock.

Soon, the constant concerts began to get boring. Svetlana was associated with fans only with the image of a red-haired beauty from VIA Gra. This girl did not suit. She dreamed of a solo career.


The producers of the trio forbade the girl to improvise at concerts. A ready-made image was created for her, which had to be matched. Svetlana’s personal life was strictly controlled.

Svetlana was not going to put up with a constantly busy schedule, rules and control. Therefore, after almost 5 months, she left the VIA Gra team. Loboda did not win the convertible.

Solo career

At the age of 22, Svetlana’s solo career began. The girl’s first album was released in 2005. After Loboda regularly released singles, which quickly gained popularity. They found a response in the hearts of many girls. So Sveta found a theme for her work – a strong and independent girl, falling in love without memory, trying to forget her beloved.

The next stage, which had a positive impact on the development of her solo career, was the performance of Svetlana in 2009 at Eurovision. Within the framework of the competition, Loboda represented her native Ukraine. Despite the loss, the girl continued to build a solo career.

In 2019, Loboda became the mentor of the popular show “Voice. Children” in Russia. Due to the scandal associated with Mikella Abramova, Svetlana refused to further participate in the role of a mentor.

Personal life of Svetlana Loboda

Now Svetlana’s personal life is of interest to many of her fans. Loboda has two children. The woman showed her first girl to fans only at 4 years old. The name of the child is Evangeline. Her father is Andrei Tsar, with whom the singer ended in 2014. According to official data, Svetlana never had a husband.

In 2018, it became known that Loboda was again in position. This time, Svetlana chose not to talk about the child’s father. But soon, from anonymous sources, journalists learned that the singer had a romantic relationship with Thiel Lindemann. The singer did not confirm the rumors, nor did she expand on the topic of the father of the second child.

Svetlana shows children, parents and other family members on her personal Instagram blog. It is known that the singer has a sister, Ksenia. Fans point out that the girls are quite similar.

Svetlana Loboda today

In 2021, there were major changes in the singer’s team. She stopped working with producer Natella Krapivina. The true reason for the termination of the contract is unknown. In an interview, Natella stated that she did not want to have anything to do with the world of show business because of the past Muz-TV award.

There was a conflict between Krapivina and Kirkorov, in which Loboda chose not to intervene, despite Philip’s insults. Svetlana reacted calmly enough to Natella’s departure.

Many fans are interested in where the singer now lives. Together with the children, the woman moved to Russia several years ago. However, in her native Ukraine, Svetlana has real estate. Perhaps in the future she plans to return to the country where she was born.

Svetlana Loboda is a famous pop singer. Since childhood, she studied music, so she gained popularity while still studying at the academy. The artist began to build her solo career in 2004. Prior to that, she performed on the big stage as part of various groups, one of which was VIA Gra. The network often discusses photos of a girl before and after plastic surgery. In her youth, Svetlana had slightly different facial features. Now the singer is raising two daughters and is engaged in creativity. Svetlana Loboda lives in Russia, since the bulk of her work is associated with this particular country.

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