Olivia Rodrigo Age, Height, Family, Biography, Net worth & more

By | August 2, 2021
Olivia Rodrigo Age, Height, Family, Biography

American actress Olivia Rodrigo began acting at the age of 12. But for many years only fans of teenage series heard about her. Everything changed when the girl broke up with her boyfriend and wrote a song about it: the single “blew up” the international charts and in just 7 days lifted Olivia to the musical Olympus. Let’s know more about Olivia Rodrigo Age, Height, Family, Biography, Net worth & more

NameOlivia Rodrigo
DOB20 February 2003
Age18 Years ( In 2021 )
Height165 cm
Birth PlaceTemecula, USA
EducationHigh School
Net worth ( $ )$90 million
Net worth ( ₹ )₹650 Crore

Childhood and youth

Olivia Isabel Rodrigo was born on February 20, 2003, in California in a mixed marriage. Her mother has German and Irish roots, and her father is Filipino by nationality. The girl’s great-grandfather moved to the United States from the island state in his early youth. Olivia’s parents still live according to Filipino traditions and taught their daughter to them. The Rodrigo family also adores national cuisine – seafood and fish dishes with rice and vegetables.

Little Olivia attended Lisa Jay Males Elementary School. Then continued her education in the middle classes of the Dorothy McElhinney School. Rodrigo took up her creative activity as a child. She attended acting courses, studied singing, and played in school theatrical performances. Curious more about knowing Olivia Rodrigo Age, Height, Family, Biography, Net worth & more?

Films and Music

For the first time on the movie screens Olivia appeared in 2015 – and immediately in the lead role – in the family comedy “American Girls”, then lit up in a commercial. A year later, the young talent was noticed by Disney and invited to the serial comedy “Paige and Frankie”, the original name of which sounds like Bizaardvark (“Miracleardvark”). To work on the role of Rodrigo, he had to move to Los Angeles. For three seasons, the American actress portrayed the lead character, Paige Olver.

After completing work on the sitcom, Olivia auditioned for High School Musical: The Musical and landed the lead role alongside Joshua Bassett and Matt Cornett. During this period, she first tried herself as a singer, recording the soundtrack for a film in a duet with Bassett and solo.

In 2020, Olivia signed contracts with two music labels to record her own songs. Her first single, Drivers License, was released in early 2021 and surpassed other Spotify streaming hits twice in a week, topping the Billboard Hot 100 chart and the charts in Australia, the UK, and four other countries. Later, the singer admitted that that week was the craziest of her life and changed everything in an instant.

Personal life

Olivia’s first boyfriend until 2020 was High School Musical co-star Joshua Bassett. Young people did not talk about their personal life, and after parting, Rodrigo recorded the very track Drivers License. In a lyrical composition, the star sang about a former lover who went to another girl without naming names. Olivia’s fans sorted out every line of the song and found out that the American actress and singer Sabrina Carpenter became that “older blonde” – it was for her that Joshua hit after the break.

None of the participants in the love triangle commented on these conjectures but did not deny them, and after a while, Sabrina’s response sounded in her fresh track Skin. Carpenter hinted at a relationship with Bassett and in the final verse advised Olivia not to drive herself crazy.

Olivia Rodrigo Age is 18 Years (In 2021). Her height is 165 cm and her weigt weight is 50 kg.

Olivia Rodrigo now

After a resounding start in music, Olivia continued to work in this direction. She recorded the single Deja Vu, a follow-up song to the first hit about romantic memories and a broken heart. The track sounds under a mixed genre of music: a combination of indie pop, alternative rock and psychedelic motives.

The next song performed by Rodrigo was the song Good 4 U – a mixture of pop-punk, grunge and pop-rock. In the video for the single, Olivia plays the role of a cheerleader seeking revenge on her ex-boyfriend, and the visuals are reminiscent of a mix between The Princess Diaries and Jennifer’s Body.

In May 2021, the studio album Sour was released, which included the singles Drivers License, Deja Vu, and Good 4 U and 8 more tracks by Olivia. Now the album about a failed romance is recognized as platinum and the only one in musical history, 3 songs of which were simultaneously in the top ten of the Billboard Hot 100.


  • 2015 – American Girls
  • 2016-2019 – Paige and Frankie (Miracleardwark)
  • 2017 – “New Girl”
  • 2019-2021 – High School Musical: The Musical

Interesting Facts about Olivia Rodrigo

  • Olivia has been a Taylor Swift fan since childhood. Following the overwhelming success of Drivers License, Taylor posted an approving comment on Olivia’s page, which fans dubbed “a blessing.” In May 2021, at the Brit Awards, Swift and Rodrigo met in person. The second idol of the childhood of the aspiring star is New Zealand singer Lord.
  • Rodrigo is called the new Billie Eilish because of the similarity of her biography with the American singer: Billie also became famous thanks to the publication of her debut song.
  • Olivia supports the Black Lives Matters movement, the LGBT community and is open about politics. For example, during Joe Biden’s election campaign, the singer went live on Instagram with the granddaughter of the future American president and talked about the importance of voting.
  • In June 2021, Rodrigo graduated from high school.
  • The singer is fighting to preserve a clean planet and the environment. So, in her personal Instagram account, Olivia published a photo in a swimsuit made of recycled materials, and for the red carpet she chooses outfits from environmentally friendly fabrics.