5 most successful Netflix series

By | July 7, 2021

1. Unsolved Mysteries

A remake of the 1988 project of the same name Unsolved Mysteries . Viewers are told real cases of mysterious disappearances, shocking murders and paranormal phenomena. Cases that have occurred not only in the United States, but also abroad are being investigated.

“The main feature of the series is that all cases are absolutely real and many cases are still open. Sometimes viewers help to find new evidence or new witnesses are found. Everything happens in real life, and a lot of these things are strange and mysterious, which is very catchy. ”  – Graus .

“The broadcast is primarily designed to assist in investigations. Since the stories of ordinary people are told here, this may not look as intriguing as, for example, in the case of famous personalities, where you can weave a bunch of versions of murder. Those who are touched by such stories  are worth watching , ” – DmitryAnzulis.

“The series is not for me (as a lover of detectives). For I love that Crime-Investigation-Answer. And here everyone just sits on their knees and builds all kinds of theories from the bulldozer, which only come to mind: a conspiracy of Masons, a response from clients from work, and so on. Unless aliens were mentioned. And there is no answer even close, ”

2. Floor is Lava 

A show based on the children’s game of the same name. Participants will have to overcome an obstacle course in a room filled with 80,000 gallons of bright red gel that simulates hot lava. They need to jump from chairs, roll on curtains and swing on chandeliers, but never touch the floor. The winners receive $ 10,000 and a lava lamp trophy.

Several studios in Hollywood were scared of the lava clutter, so the project is being filmed in an old abandoned Ikea building. The exact formula of lava is a closely guarded secret that only a few of the film crew know.

3. Cursed

Reimagining the legend of King Arthur, told from the point of view of Nimu – a young heroine with mysterious powers, who is destined to become the powerful Lady of the Lake. After the death of his mother, Nimu meets the charming mercenary Arthur, who is looking for Merlin to give him an ancient sword.

“Somehow I really liked it. Yeah, there were a bunch of flaws. Silly dialogues, reconciliation with historical events so generally a disaster, I think it’s not worth talking about the history of Uther and Arthur.

Nevertheless, the first 6 episodes were swallowed by a marathon. Quite an interesting interpretation of the background of the Knights of the Round Table, and a variation on the story of the Lady of the Lake. <…> Visually very nice series. I liked the daytime scenes very much, a bright, fabulous, fantasy picture. Characters, in general, are also not as bad as for a fairy tale.

Despite the shortcomings, if you look in general, I really liked it. Perhaps not enough to reconsider. But not bad – a beautiful picture, nice characters, an interesting story “, – max_frei.

“The Lord of the Rings and  Game of Thrones on the cover of The Chronicles of Shannara. The project is definitely not a failure, but it lacks its zest. And yet, by the end of the season, the series accelerated, the plot became more intelligible, and the screen became less stupid. If the creators eliminate all the mistakes and shortcomings, the series can become very cool, “  – TiMyan.

“The old story about Arthur and others in a modern SJW and BLM wrapper. To hell with him, but the narration itself is unintelligible, a bunch of some vague characters, with vague stories, motives, filmed very clumsy and shitty, nothing is really explained in the narration, like look what they give.

The graphics will go, Gustaf is beautiful. Hannah Baker needs to learn acting, it’s one thing when you play a suicidal teenager and stupidly voice the events, another thing is that you need to be an actor here, you need to give all your best, play, etc. The series was filmed stupidly on the knee, apparently to get into all the trends, ”- gdorogomilov.

4. The Last Dance

A documentary show about basketball player Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls with a primary focus on Jordan’s last season on the team. The crew had full access to the bulls, so exclusive footage and interviews with Scotty Pippen, Dennis Rodman, Steve Kerr, Phil Jackson, Magic Johnson and Kobe Bryant can be seen on the show.

“This is the best sports documentary ever! Bravo Netflix! The last few episodes really made the series tears ”, – Romzec161 .

“Indifferent to basketball, but the show is great. Not only Michael Jordan is perfectly revealed, but his entire team – Pippen, Rodman, Kerr, Paxon, the great coach Phil Jackson. But MJ himself, of course, is a genius, he did a titanic work on himself, and you can listen to his speeches about the constant search for calls even for motivational pumping ”, – eldar4k .

“You look at the first episodes like an ordinary documentary. But with each next series, everything that happens is felt more and more great and in the last one you already feel incredible emotions. Great story “,  – derxot .

5. Down to Earth

Actor Zac Efron travels the world with Darin Olien, an environmental activist and expert in nutrition and health. Together they explore sustainability, seek solutions to water, food and energy problems, and educate viewers to be more careful with the Earth’s resources. Efron and Olien traveled to France, Puerto Rico, London, Iceland, Costa Rica, Peru and Sardinia.

Critics scolded the show for questionable medical advice and pseudoscience, but praised the show’s tone and themes.

“What could be “ Heads and Tails ” , but never will, unfortunately. A very decent show. I would like more of these “, 

“Excellent idea and presentation. Very informal and informative ”,

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