Top 10 best adventure movies

By | June 4, 2021

1. Sherlock Holmes (2009)

The great detective Sherlock Holmes never gets tired of getting into trouble. His constant assistant, friend, colleague Dr. Watson dreams of a calm future. Soon he will be engaged to his girlfriend. Only his colleague is skeptical about family happiness. The dispute between the heroes turns into a serious quarrel. In addition, they will have to fight with an old enemy who dreams of enslaving the city. Mystical crimes seem to Watson to be a very deliberate fraudulent move. This still needs to be figured out

2. Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)

The future of the planet is at stake. Humanity lacks resources, drinking water and fuel. Most have united in gangs that rob the weak and defenseless. Max Rokatansky was a former Highway Patrol inspector. Now this hero does not intend to endure atrocities. He knows where the lair of the most terrible bandit, who occupied the main source of fresh water, is located. Max decides to deal with the villain by force, to return life-giving moisture to those in need. The fight will be serious.

3. Jodha and Akbar (2008)

Bharmal Amel dreamed of marrying his beautiful daughter to Jalaluddin Mohamad Akbar. This was a big decision in the past. After all, the ruler preached Hinduism, and the future husband of the princess was a Muslim. The marriage was supposed to unite not only states but also religions. Everything would be more complicated if young people had not felt great sympathy for each other for a long time. The union of two opposing opinions, different approaches to life and conducting politics was able to create a great empire in which the Rajput played an important role.

4. Battle of Red Rock (2008)

208 marked a watershed in Chinese history. It was the events of that time that later formed the basis of legends, poems, and military epics. At that time, Minister Cao Cao insisted that the emperor should unify the lands. The Shu and Wu kingdoms were considered independent and were not ruled by an empire. The outbreak of war quickly showed the kingdom of Shu the superiority of an alien army. Zhou Yuem led a small army of the kingdom. A talented negotiator was sent to find a companion in the person of the Wu state.

5. Django Unchained (2012)

German doctor King Schultz was dissatisfied with the slave system in the country. He became a bounty hunter, freed black people from the impending hard labor. During the next raid, he faced the strong and brave Django. This negro was supposed to serve the white master on the plantation. King invited him to do business together, taught him to use a gun. The guy had enough hatred for the slave owners. Somewhere far away was his wife. The couple decided to act.

6. Life of Pi (2012)

An Indian boy named Pi decides to travel with his family. A small ship should take them to the best lands. There are also animals on the ship, but this was not considered a big problem. The strongest storm changed the plans of the travelers. Pi manages to escape from the sinking ship. But when he wakes up in a small boat, he realizes that here beside him there are only animals in the boat. We’ll have to find a common language. The most frightening thing is the neighborhood with a Bengal tiger.

7. Until I played in the box (2007)

Carter Chambers was an excellent physician and a very wealthy man. But this did not save him from a fatal diagnosis. Edward Cole was in the ward with him – a needy man who, too, was soon destined to go to another world. But Carter was left with a list of things he dreamed of doing before his death. When his companion in misfortune finds a discarded note, he decides to help Chambers. There is not much left for them to die, and the mind-blowing adventures are just beginning.

8. The Lion King (1994)

Little lion cub Simba was born into the royal family. His father is the head of the pride, the heir should truly take his place. Mufasa was a wise ruler, he taught his son to be fair and honest. But the king’s brother Scar decided to get rid of Simba. Then he can take the throne. He tricked the lion cub into the canyon. There, the baby was waiting for death, but in the end, saving his son, Mufasa himself died. The scar inspired the lion cub that it was he who was to blame for the death of his father. Now Simba has a long way to go. But he will return to prove his right to leadership.

9. Interstellar (2014)

The dream of conquering space, the possible development of new planets has long haunted humanity. So far, all attempts have been unsuccessful. Dr. Cooper learned that the idea of ​​covering vast distances across light years had become a reality. He will have to say goodbye to his family, because no one knows what awaits next. The hero was chosen for a dangerous mission, now in his hands lies the future of the planet, which is destined to perish in the near future. Cooper has a difficult task ahead of him.

10. How to Train Your Dragon (2010)

Olukh Island was inhabited by real harsh Vikings. These people fought constant battles with dragons attacking the land. The leader of the tribe wanted to see in her heir the continuation of her work. But young Icking was cowardly, weak and not agile. The most terrible monster for the local population was the Night Fury – an elusive monster. But Icking was able to find something more in these flying creatures. Perhaps the enmity is not as justified as it seems at first glance. We’ll have to prove it to the others.

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