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By | July 5, 2021

Actor, director, producer, winner of many prestigious awards, Oscar nominee – Tom Hardy’s success can be envied. But he owes his popularity not only to talent. The public is no less interested in the biography and personal life of the star than in new projects. Let’s Know more about Tom Hardy – biography and personal life. For Hardy firmly entrenched the glory of the “bad boy” – a carousel, a brute, and a heartthrob. And this is even despite the fact that today the actor has become an exemplary family man – his marriage has been going on for many years, and he himself is a happy father with many children.

Childhood and youth

Tom Hardy’s biography is like a swing – there are many ups and downs in it. The boy was born on September 15, 1977. According to the horoscope, he is Virgo. The future star was lucky with her parents. Mother – Elizabeth Barrett – was an artist who successfully sold her paintings. Father – Edward Hardy – is a fairly well-known writer and screenwriter.

Tom grew up in London’s East Sheen area – the home of the English bohemia. The family was wealthy enough, and the parents, who doted on the heir, did not deny him anything. Holidays abroad, a private school, indulging all the whims – all this did not go to the guy’s benefit.

Not only did Hardy grow up very spoiled, he was also ashamed of his parents – they were too correct for him. And he preferred not to carry the company with his classmates. By the age of 13, Tom had become addicted to beer and tried drugs.

Drug addict

By the age of 15, by his own admission, Hardy was already an alcoholic and drug addict. For addiction to prohibited substances, he was expelled from school. He recalls that in those years, for the sake of booze and a dose of crack, he could have committed a crime. Soon Tom was arrested for stealing a car – only his father’s connections (and bribes to the police) helped to avoid imprisonment.
In his memoirs about the years of his youth, Hardy says that at that time he adhered to the principle “in life you need to try everything.”

The arrest did not go for the future – Tom was in no hurry to embark on the path of correction. The addiction to alcohol and drugs lasted until the age of 25. But the day came when Hardy, who had already become a famous actor, realized that he was destroying himself.

Realization did not come immediately. Tom went to negotiate with director John Wood, deciding to take a dose for courage. As a result, he woke up in the morning in a ditch – naked, bleeding, remembering nothing. After that, Hardy began treatment for drug addiction.

First steps to success

The mother was terribly worried that her son was wasting his life. In an effort to somehow distract him from bad company, alcohol, and drugs, she enrolled him in a children’s theater. Tom immediately felt an interest in the stage and showed remarkable artistic talent.

At the age of 18, Hardy entered the theater school in Richmond, although he did not study there for long – alcohol and drugs again became the reason for exclusion. But his mother insisted that her son not leave the stage, and he entered the London acting school.
In the same educational institution, only 2 years older, Michael Fassbender studied. Although in those years Tom’s relationship with his older friend did not work out, but, according to the actor’s recollections, he admired Michael’s talent in his youth. Later they happened to meet on the set of the film “Brothers in Arms”.

In the late 90s, Hardy tried to go into the modeling business. He even won a male model show and received an invitation to one of the leading agencies, One. But again drug addiction played a cruel joke on him – the company broke the contract.

His first film work was the episodic role of Private Janovech in the series “Brothers in Arms”. Tom appeared on the screen only a couple of times and uttered hardly a dozen phrases.

After that, several more episodes followed, but the directors had already noticed the charismatic and artistic Hardy, and in 2002 he was invited to star in the war drama “Simon”. This time he got one of the main roles.

Film career

Since 2003, he mainly plays in the theater, but never ceases to dream of a career on the screen. He managed to realize his chance in 2004 in the film “Layer Cake”. A year later, Hardy solidifies his success by playing the Earl of Leicester in The Virgin Queen and then Matthew in Sweeney Todd.

But the real fame came to Hardy after the series “Peaky Blinders”. The role of the charming leader of the gang Alfie Solomons received recognition from the audience and won the favor of critics.

From that moment on, Hardy’s success only grew. The list of films that made him famous is very long. Most memorable to the public:

  • “Stewart. Past life”;
  • “Rock ‘n’ Roller;
  • Bronson;
  • “Start”;
  • “The drunkest district in the world”;
  • “The Dark Knight”;
  • “Crazy Max”.

The last 2 films made Hardy a cult actor. In the intervals between work on paintings for the big screen, Tom starred in serials, including the sequel to “Peaky Blinders”.

In 2018, Hardy joins the Marvel Universe as a journalist in Venom.

Tom Hardy’s personal life

Rumors around the star never subside. The most gossip is the orientation of the actor. Gossip got hot after the photo of Hardy appeared on the cover of a gay magazine – Tom starred for Attitude as part of an advertisement for the movie Rock and Roll. In addition, the actor imprudently mentioned that he likes men.

Rumors did not subside, even despite Hardy’s romances with women. They say about him that he can charm any beauty, he is called irresistible, although Tom does not differ in an impressive physique – his height is only 175 cm, and his weight is 76 kg.

His first serious relationship in 1999 ended in marriage. British actress Sarah Ward became Tom’s chosen one. But drug addiction led to divorce in 2003.

This was followed by a short romance with Linda Pak – Hardy began a relationship with her during his marriage to Ward, although Tom and Sarah were already living separately then.

On the set of The Virgin Queen, Tom met a young director’s assistant, Rachel Speed. Their life together lasted 5 years, Rachel became the mother of Hardy’s first child. Despite the breakup, the actor maintains a relationship with his son Louis and takes an active part in his upbringing.

Hardy’s next “office romance” happened to Charlotte Riley. With an English actress, they came together on the set of the drama “Wuthering Heights”. It seems that the actor has finally found his happiness – the relationship, which began in 2010, continues to this day.

Despite rumors of romance with celebrities¸ Hardy’s personal life in 2021 is stable: he is still with Riley, the couple is raising two children.

Tom Hardy now

Venom 2 is set to premiere at the end of June 2021 – one of the most anticipated films of the year, and fans of the Marvel universe are eagerly anticipating its release on the screen.

And recently there was the latest news about Hardy – in 2021 filming of the thriller from Netflix begins. In the new film, Hardy will not only play the role of an actor (he will play a detective unraveling a complex case), but also a producer. Who else will take part in the project is still unknown.

Thomas Hardy is one of the most charming actors of our time. “Bad Boy” from London conquered the whole world thanks to his acting talent and charisma.

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