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By | July 2, 2021

Tom Cruise (Thomas Cruise Mapother IV, eng. Tom Cruise) – an outstanding American film actor, director and producer, known for his leading roles in the films “Rain Man”, “Eyes Wide Shut”, “Magnolia”, the series of films “Mission: Impossible” and others. Three times Golden Globe winner and three Oscar nominees.


Tom Cruise was born on July 3, 1962 in Syracuse, New York, to a Catholic family of English, German and Irish roots. His father, Thomas Cruise Mapother III, was an electrical engineer, and his mother, Mary Lee (née Pfeiffer), was a teacher defectologist (some sources mistakenly call her an actress, apparently confusing her with the namesake Michelle Pfeiffer). In addition to Tom, his parents had three more daughters: Lee Ann, Marian and Cass.

The family lived in poverty and constantly moved from place to place, as the father had problems with work. He brought up children in severity, was often rude and unjust to them, beat them on any insignificant reason. Tom later called him “a bully and a coward .”My father taught me the most important lesson about how life works – he could first deceive me with his calmness, so that I relax and feel safe, and then – bam! and hit. And I began to think: “There is something wrong with him. You can’t trust him. I must be careful in his presence ”Tom grew up a notorious child. Most of all, he was ashamed of his small stature, which is why he tried to communicate mainly with short peers or younger children, so as not to look short against their background. In addition, the future star had ugly crooked teeth.

As a child, Tom Cruise was complex due to crooked teeth and dyslexia. In 1971, the family moved to Canada and settled in Ottawa, where his father took over as a technical advisor to the Canadian Forces. Here, at the Robert Hopkins School, the boy first took to the stage in a theater group, and his first performance with a group of seven students made a splash at the school festival. “The movement and improvisation were excellent. It turned out to be a classic number performed by the ensemble, ”his teacher recalled.

Very young Tom Cruise left Russia forever When Tom was 14 years old, his parents divorced, and the mother, along with all four children, returned to the United States, settling in a small house in Louisville, Kentucky. The young man entered the Franciscan Theological Seminary in Cincinnati – he intended to become a Catholic priest. However, after a year, he abandoned this idea and returned to regular school.

In 1984, Tom Cruise’s own father died of cancer.


Despite the fact that Tom Cruise never studied acting professionally, he was lucky: already in 1981 he passed the casting and began his film career with a small role in the film “Endless Love”, and later, in the same year, played a supporting role in the movie “Lights Out”.

In 1983, he starred in the film “Outcasts” by Francis Ford Coppola , and then the charming young actor was invited to play the first leading role in his career – in the youth sports drama “All Right Moves”.

Finally, in the same 1983, Paul Brickman’s film “Risky Business” was released, and the main role in this film made Tom Cruise a star of the first magnitude. The actor’s stellar status was reinforced by Ridley Scott’s 1985 fantasy film Legend, and Tony Scott’s super-popular film Top Gun (Top Gun), released in 1986, where one of Cruise’s partners on the set was young Val Kilmer. … The slogan of the film “I feel the need, the need for speed” (“I feel the call, and this is the call of speed”) gave the name to the series of racing computer games “Need for Speed”.

Shot from the film “Top Gun”In the same 1986, Tom Cruise also had a chance to play one of the main roles in Martin Scorsese ‘s drama The Color of Money, in partnership with the already venerable at that time Paul Newman .

In 1988, Roger Donaldson’s melodrama Cocktail was released, but for the lead role in this film, Tom Cruise was nominated for the Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Actor of the Year. In general, critics assessed this picture negatively, describing it as “a love story devoid of depth and drama, in which Tom Cruise’s talent is wasted on a banal fantasy about a naive bartender.”

Nevertheless, in the same 1988, a truly successful film was released, which marked the beginning of a series of more mature and deep acting works of Tom Cruise – “Rain Man” directed by Barry Levinson. In this picture, the most interesting acting duet of Tom Cruise with the magnificent Dustin Hoffman was formed: Cruise played a calculating businessman who is angry with his parents and the whole world, and Hoffman played the tragicomic role of his older brother, helpless and with autism.

In the wake of the success of this film, critics especially noted Tom’s excellent performance: “The character of Cruise, with his egoism and cruelty, saves the film from excessive sentimentality. Moreover, his change and reconciliation with the past is not strong enough for him to cease to be a complete yuppie, a product of automotive America. “

In 1989, Oliver Stone ‘s war drama Born on the Fourth of July was released, which earned the actor his first Golden Globe and an Oscar nomination.

In 1990, he starred in the sports drama “Days of Thunder” by Tony Scott, and in 1992 – in the romantic drama by Ron Howard, “Far, Away”, and in these two films his co-star was the rising star Nicole Kidman, with whom the actor also developed a personal relationship.

In 2017, Cruise starred in Alex Kurtzman’s fantasy action movie The Mummy based on the 1932 film, but this picture was not as successful as the actor’s previous work. In October 2017, Doug Lyman’s biographical thriller Made in America was released, in which Tom Cruise played a young pilot recruited by the CIA.

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In the first half of the 1980s, Tom Cruise repeatedly entered into relationships with older women, including Risky Business partner actress Rebecca Demornay (3 years older than Cruise), singer and guitarist Patti Schialfoy (9 years) and the famous singer Cher (16 years older than Cruise). According to the frank statement of the latter, Cruz was very good in bed and entered the top five of her best lovers. “I was crazy about Tom Cruise, and we had a passionate affair,” she recalled.

The actor’s positive reputation was restored in 1987, when he married actress Mimi Rogers (however, she was also older than Tom, according to various sources, by 5-8 years). Mimi introduced Cruise to Scientology, and later he became a convinced adherent and promoter of this religion – now he is called the “3rd or even 2nd person” in the church hierarchy.

Because of his girlfriend Mimi Rozhdenrs, Tom Cruise went to Scientology, on the set of Days of Thunder, the actor met a young actress from Australia – Nicole Kidman, and they began a relationship. Cruz in love divorced his first wife on February 4, 1990, and on December 24 of the same year, at the age of 28, he married 23-year-old Nicole.

Nicole Kidman married Tom Cruise at 23. The spouses really wanted to have children, but they could not conceive their own baby. So they decided to become adoptive parents: adopted Isabella Jane in 1992 and adopted Connor Anthony in 1995. Subsequently, Nicole herself was surprised at her own determination to start a family so early: “By the age of 27, I already had two children and four years of marital experience. But I wanted it so myself, ”she recalled.

In February 2001, Cruz announced to his wife that he intended to divorce her. According to the actress, she begged her husband not to leave her, but he left without explanation, refusing to discuss family problems. As it turned out, Nicole at that moment was at an early stage of pregnancy, which the couple did not yet know about. Due to the stress of breaking up with her husband, she lost her child – or, as the actress later admitted, the pregnancy turned out to be an ectopic.

After the couple’s divorce, their adopted children remained under the joint custody of both parents, but lived mainly with their father and were affiliated with the Scientology Church. At the age of 26, daughter Isabella got married, but neither parent was present at her wedding, although both helped with organizing and paying for the celebration.

Almost simultaneously with the divorce, Cruz entered into a new relationship – with Penelope Cruz, a partner in the film “Vanilla Sky”. It was a bright romance that seemed very promising, and the young people even talked about getting married. But the situation was clouded by the fact that Penelope could not abandon her Buddhist beliefs in favor of Scientology, while for Cruise it was very important. Three years later, the couple broke up because, according to Penelope, Scientology turned out to be a “third thing” in their relationship.

Tom Cruise and Penelope Cruz’s relationship did not stand the test of religion Later there were reports that the church began to purposefully select a new bride for Cruise, but he himself did not confirm this information. One way or another, during this period he began a romantic relationship with a girl who, like him, was in the Church of Scientology – the British-Iranian actress Nazanin Boniadi. But this couple did not work out, and the relationship soon broke up.

Cruise began dating actress Katie Holmes , and a month later, the actor publicly confessed his love for her on the air of the famous “The Oprah Winfrey Show.” On October 6, 2005, the couple officially announced that they were expecting a child, and on April 18, 2006, the actors had a daughter, Suri.

Unlike Cruise’s previous lovers, Katie Holmes agreed to fully embrace the faith and practice of Scientology, and the couple officially married on November 18, 2006. More than 150 guests were invited to the ceremony. Among them were many stars of the first magnitude – colleagues of Tom Cruise: Will Smith and his wife, John Travolta , Richard Gere , Jim Carrey , as well as the beauties of Victoria Beckham ,Brooke Shields and J. Lo . Among those invited was the creator of wedding suits for the bride and groom – Giorgio Armani . At the entrance, guests were greeted by people in Renaissance costumes, and the ceremony itself took place in a real medieval Armory.

Tom Cruise’s new family did not need anything. By the age of five, baby Suri already had a wardrobe worth several million, the title of the most influential child in the world and the title of the most photographed girl on Earth.

The couple appeared everywhere together and beamed with smiles, although rumors leaked behind them that “Mrs. Cruise” lived in “Scientology hell” and was under supervision 24 hours a day. On June 29, 2012, Katie Holmes, unexpectedly for her husband, filed for divorce and demanded full custody of her daughter. She also stated that she renounces Scientology beliefs and “has now decided to educate Suri in the Catholic faith and has already sent her to a private Catholic school in Manhattan.”

Tom Cruise during this period was on the set of the film “Oblivion”, and colleagues noted that “… one of the most famous actors on the planet now looks like one of the saddest people on Earth.”

In 2012, the “Tom Cruise Ex-Wives Club” grew 12 ugly beauties of Russian cinema In March 2017, information appeared in the press about Tom Cruise’s romance with his colleague on the set of Mission: Impossible-6, 28-year-old Vanessa Kirby.

Cruz is a motorsport enthusiast. He feels confident behind the wheel of sports cars and motorcycles, both on the set (which allows producers to save good money on stunt doubles), and in real life.

In 2011, the actor took part in an advertising campaign for the Red Bull racing team, piloting a Formula 1 car on the Willow Springs circuit in California. In addition, he holds a pilot’s license. Thanks to his friendship with David Beckham, the actor began to support the Spanish football club Real Madrid.

Cruise’s personal fortune is estimated at at least $ 500 million.


Tom Cruise actively participates in the social programs of the Church of Scientology and is an ardent promoter of it, fighting for its recognition in Europe as one of the official religions.

Tom Cruise – experienced ScientologistIn 2003, he founded the New York Rescue Detoxification Fund and donated significant funds to provide medical assistance to firefighters and rescuers – responders of the consequences of the largest terrorist attack in New York on September 11, 2001. The foundation’s medical program uses, inter alia, the “detoxification” method developed by the founder of Scientology, Ron Hubbard, as part of Scientology’s “bridge to total freedom.”

In 2004, the leader of the Church of Scientology and closest friend of Cruz, David Miscavige, instituted the “Scientology Medal of Freedom” and awarded him this medal.

In January 2004, Cruz issued a shocking statement: “I believe psychiatry should be outlawed.” He vigorously criticized actress Brooke Shields for taking an antidepressant to treat postpartum depression. Cruz stated that there is no chemical imbalance in the body and psychiatry is a pseudoscience. To this, the actress replied that it makes sense for Cruz “to focus on saving the world from aliens and let women suffering from postpartum depression decide for themselves which treatment to choose.” Later, in August 2006, Cruise apologized to Brooke Shields for his remarks about her.


In the summer of 2018, the film “Mission Impossible-6” is released, in which Cruz again plays the main role and participates in the production. In August 2017, while performing a stunt for this picture, the actor received a serious injury – two fractured bones of the ankle joint. By October, he partially recovered and rejoined the shooting, however, the further independent performance of the actor’s stunts was in question.

Tom Cruise is still in the ranksAlong with official awards, the actor also has several informal “titles” received in different years:

  • the sexiest man alive according to the magazine “People” (1990),
  • No. 1 in Forbes’ 100 Successful Stars (2006),
  • No. 3 in the rating of movie stars in the entire history according to the magazine “Empire” (1997, 2005),
  • No. 4 in the amount of brought box office receipts for the 1990s,
  • 2005 box office champion (overtook Tom Hanks , who held this position for 6 years),
  • Best Dressed Movie Actor Based on Audience Vote (1997)
  • one of the 50 most beautiful people on the planet according to the magazine “People” (1990, 1991, 1997),
  • No. 14 in the rating of the most influential people according to the magazine “Premiere” (2003, 2005, 2006).

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