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By | December 18, 2020

A consistent hitmaker and an audience favorite, Taylor Swift kept the music industry on her toes this year with the release of her album, ‘Evermore’. She is a crowd turner, an engager, and a musical fairy who through her lyrical fantasies and creative weaving of sound and rhythm and keeps the night alive for hours on end. Her journey and story set her apart as a role model for young men and women who aspire to make a mark in the world of cruelty.

NameTaylor Swift
DOB13 December 1989
Age32 Years ( in 2021 )
Height178 cm
Birth PlaceWyomissing, Pennsylvania
Net worth ( $ )$365 million
Net worth ( ₹ )₹ 2683 Crore

What can you achieve in the world of music if you start your career at a very young age? The answer to this question is given by the biography of Taylor Swift, to which the American public obeyed. At the age of 14 she signed her first contract, and at the age of 16 she already released a successful debut disc. The owner of a pleasant timbre surprises fans with new singles, and makes ill-wishers torment with guesses about her success. We invite you to learn more about this singer and appreciate her work.

Short Biography

The Taylor Alison Swift story is the story of a simple American girl who lives next door and wishes you a good day every morning. She was born on December 13 in 1989 in Pennsylvania in the family of a financier and marketer. After the birth of Andrei’s daughter, the mother of the future star, changed the strict office style to a home style and devoted her life to raising children – Taylor has a younger brother Austin.

Swift spent her childhood on a spruce farm, where she and her brother enjoyed freedom and natural idyll. But not everything was so rosy. The girl admits that she was an outsider at school and kept aloof. This did not interfere with the realization of her creative ambitions. First there was a theater, then endless auditions and music competitions, where luck did not always favor the young talent. Taylor didn’t give up. The character and endless support of parents did not allow.

At the age of 12, a blonde girl took up a guitar . One computer repairman showed her how to play a couple of chords, which was enough to inspire Taylor to write her own song “Lucky You”. Two years after this event, the Swift family moves to Nashville, Tennessee. Here the demo tapes of the young singer catch the attention of the record label RCA Records. The contract was signed, but Taylor’s talent was used for other purposes. She was offered to become a staff writer for the studio and write lyrics for various performers. According to the conditions, the girl could release her own album only after her 18th birthday.

Swift felt that she was ready to appear in front of the public as a solo artist, so she broke off relations with RCA Records. She understood that the end of the contract could threaten unfulfilled dreams, but her courage paid off.

The girl began performing with her songs near the cafe to make herself known. It was here that Scott Barchetta, the future manager of the singer, noticed her. Preparations have begun for the recording of their debut album, titled “Taylor Swift”. It went on sale in 2006 when Tay was just 16 years old. How did critics rate him? Positively. Five singles from this disc were certified platinum in the United States – that says a lot.

Tours and performances at concerts of other artists in support of their own album became a natural continuation of the success. A charming girl with blond curls could be seen opening the act of Brad Paisley, George Straight or Tim McGraw – famous American country music performers. Tey did not forget about the next album during the tour, writing down all her thoughts and feelings on paper. It took two years to record a new hit collection that surpassed the debut disc.

Interesting Facts about Taylor Swift

  • The name Taylor was not chosen for the girl by chance. The singer’s mother, a former marketing specialist, wanted her daughter to follow in her father’s footsteps and make a dizzying career on Wall Street. Too “girly” a name could have prevented this, so a version of Taylor appeared, which makes you think: is this a man or a woman? The second part of the name – Alison – the girl inherited from her aunt.
  • The famous American does not like to talk about her personal life. To each question concerning the second half, she answers in the same way: “I express all my experiences in songs.” Excessive secrecy is due to the unwillingness to see articles in the press about their own relationships, turned upside down.
  • At the age of 9, Taylor was passionate about theater and participated in various productions.
  • The shocked, amazed expression on the singer’s face during the awards periodically becomes a reason for laughter and mockery. Colleagues on stage do not mind grimacing to the delight of the audience, portraying the surprise of Swift.
  • Taylor is rightfully called the very-very. She has numerous awards in her collection, her albums are sold in multimillion copies, and in 2017 Forbes magazine awarded the singer the 3rd place in the ranking of the highest paid stars under 30.
  • The new 2015 turned into a real magic for Rebeca, one of Taylor’s fans. The singer sent her not only a letter with wishes, but also sent a check for almost $ 2,000 to pay for her studies. Why was Rebeca chosen? For the devotion and support that she gave to her idol.
  • Reasoning on the topic “who would you be if it were not for music,” Taylor replies that she would connect her life with advertising or writing novels.
  • Taylor’s letter regarding Apple’s policies has received widespread publicity. The fact is that a well-known American company in 2015 was planning to launch a new service for listening to music. The terms for users said that they could enjoy the work of their favorite artists for free for 3 months. Authors of “free content” were not entitled to any dividends during this period. This angered Taylor. She was supported by other artists – Apple revised the terms in their favor. Ordinary users were not affected.
  • The most memorable gift for Taylor was the olive tree on Christmas Eve. He was planted by her young man, which made a huge impression on the singer.

Taylor Swift’s secret of success

The popularity of this American singer is truly amazing. Her albums debut at # 1 on the charts, her singles have sold in the millions, she has toured around the world and won numerous awards. Tay’s list of achievements includes more than 200 awards, including Grammy Awards, American Music Awards, BRIT Awards, etc. The performer’s fortune also does not stand aside and is constantly being counted – she is no stranger to being named the highest paid star. How did she achieve this?

Some critics believe that she appeared on stage at the right time, in the right place. Nashville, where young Tay moved with her parents, is the center of country music in the United States. There are recording studios at every turn, which makes it easier for the newly-minted stars. It is not surprising that Swift chose the country direction for herself and began to actively develop in it.

The second moment of popularity is associated with the absence of the singer on stage, whose image will seem familiar and recognizable to Americans. Britney Spears, who was strongly associated with the US pop industry in the early 2000s, began to lose her reputation due to indecent behavior and divorce proceedings. Now is the time for a new star to appear: pure, innocent and sincere. She became Taylor Swift.

A charming girl with long blond hair conquered America with her songs. Her image was fully consistent with the chosen direction. Tay invariably performed with a guitar in her hands and in cowboy boots, which looked spectacular against the background of light country-style dresses. The performer’s work was filled with personal experiences and feelings, which again resonated with the fans.

It is noteworthy that Swift mainly writes both music and lyrics for her songs. At the same time, she does not refuse to cooperate with other poets and musicians. So, on the creation of many of Tay’s compositions, the poet Liz Rose helped.

But music critics and detractors are not convinced that Taylor’s success is based solely on her talent. In the release of singles, albums and in the supported innocent image of the singer, they see no less talented marketing. It consists in heating up interest in songs that are waiting for release, various promotions aimed at increasing sales, and abandoning streaming services. In any case, Swift does not want to give up positions and is ready to conquer new heights.

No matter how you feel about Taylor Swift, her work has taken its rightful place in the music world. This is proved by the ratings, multimillion-dollar sales and the love of the public, who listens to it with pleasure.

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