Mithun Chakraborty Personal life, biography & filmography

By | June 13, 2021
Mithun Chakraborty Personal life, biography & filmography

Mithun Chakraborty is a popular actor in India. The biography of the star of melodramas is similar to the story of Cinderella. A boy from a simple working-class family has achieved the fact that he got into the Guinness Book of Records for a record number of roles. He has appeared in more than 300 films, and in 250 of them, he was the main character. He got the images of both heroes and villains. Let’s learn more about Mithun Chakraborty Personal life, biography & filmography


The future actor was born in the city of Barisal, located in East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) on June 16, 1950. According to another version, his parents lived in Calcutta. At birth, his parents gave him the name Gouranga Chakraborty. Almost nothing is known about his childhood.

At first, the boy’s family was well-to-do. My father had a plot of land and his own house in West Bengal. But because of the revolution, the property was seized, and Chakraborty had to move. Parents and their son settled in Calcutta, where little Methun began to go to school. My father got a job at a telephone company. A few years later, three more children were born in the family.

The beginning of a film career

Chakraborty made his film debut in his youth while studying at the institute. The guy got cameo roles, and this is how he earned a living. And in 1976 he appeared in the film “Do Anjaane”, which became quite popular in India itself and beyond. Although this role did not bring fame to the young man, he met already famous actors. Rekha and Amitabh Bachchan were his partners on the set. The next film became more successful for the young actor. For his role in “Jallaad” Mithun was awarded the “Golden Lotus” from the National Film Awards of India. He immediately had thousands of fans. But after this picture, Chakraborty lived for several years without offers to act. He played in the crowd again, worked part-time in other positions as well.

Mithun Chakraborty Personal life, biography & filmography

At first, he was a driver, and then took the place of a dancer in the Helen Luke collective. During this period, he performed under the pseudonym Rana Rez. And already in the 1980s, Chakraborty appeared in more than ten films. List of the most successful:

“Hum Paanch”;
“Disco dancer”;
“Maa Kasam”;

The most successful year in the history of Mithun Chakraborty was 1982. This is the release date of the movie “Disco Dancer”. The actor played the singer Jimmy, who was to achieve fame and punish his ill-wishers, as well as restore his mother’s reputation and find love. After the release of the tape, the guy became one of the most famous and highly paid Indian artists.

Personal life

Mithun Chakraborty Personal life, biography & filmography

The actor has been married twice. His first wife was the super-model Helen Luke, with whom he worked as a dancer. But their relationship was difficult. At first, Mithun did not match the girl’s financial situation, so he did not dare to call her in marriage. But after the release of “Disco Dancer,” the actor received a substantial fee and immediately made a marriage proposal to Helena.

The dancer agreed. The happy couple had a magnificent wedding. But just a few years after the celebration, Chakraborty realized that he could not live with Helena until the end of his days. The couple decided to divorce, although they remained friends.

Chakraborty’s second wife is actress Yogita Bali. After marriage, the girl abandoned her career and devoted herself entirely to the family hearth. During her first pregnancy, she had a miscarriage, but later she pleased her husband with the birth of three sons: Mimokh, Rimokh and Namashi. The couple also decided to adopt a daughter, Dishani.

In 2013, the media spotted Mithun Chakraborty and Sridevi, a famous actress, together. When Yogita found out about his mistress, the artist decided to break off the relationship and restore the family. And in an interview, the man said that his main source of inspiration is his family, wife, and children. Biography and photos of Mithun Chakraborty are of interest to many fans. There are several accounts on Instagram with his photos, and on YouTube you can find many videos describing interesting events from his life.

The actor is proud of his children, tries to support them in everything. Mithun Chakraborty’s two sons are also acting in films. They consider their father to be their idol. The artist loves animals very much. As a dowry from his first wife, he got seven adult dogs. At home he has rabbits, parrots and horses.

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