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By | December 18, 2020

Michael Joseph Jackson is an American singer and dancer who started his career with the family group The Jacksons. Since 1972, he has devoted himself to a solo career, quickly achieving unrivaled success. His sixth studio album, Thriller, has remained the best-selling in history for over 30 years, and the name Michael Jackson has become a pop legend.

Name Michael Joseph Jackson
DOB 29 August 1958 – 25 June 2009
Age 50 Years ( At time of Death in 2009 ) 
Height 175 cm
Birth Place Gary, Indiana, United States
Nationality American
Education Graduated
Religion Christian
Net worth ( $ ) $500 Million
Net worth ( ₹ ) ₹3677 Crore

Childhood of Michael Jackson

The boy, later recognized as the king of pop, was born in the town of Gary, Indiana. The boy’s parents, Joseph Jackson and Catherine Vinta, were married in November 1949. They were brought together by a love of music: the future father of the family was a bluesman, played the guitar, and my mother, half Indian, half mulatto, a native of the rural hinterland, was obsessed with country music.

19-year-old Catherine quickly realized that family life was not as rosy as in her fantasies. Joseph showed himself real, being a man of unsociable and even cruel.

When Michael was born in 1958, the Jackson family already had seven children. Joseph, an adherent of the strictest discipline, had a harsh approach to raising children: he humiliated his children both mentally and physically. The singer’s brother Marlon said that his father opened his hands for the slightest offense. In an effort to teach children to order, at night he put on a terrible mask, sneaked up under the windows of the nursery and roared in different ways (later Michael admitted that as a child he was constantly tormented by nightmares). Mom, on the other hand, forced her sons to study the Bible and took them to meetings of Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Only in 1993, Michael Jackson told Oprah Winfrey’s studio that in those years he constantly cried and felt lonely, he was literally sick of communicating with his father.

In 1964, the brothers formed the Jacksons. Initially, the line-up consisted of the elders Tito, Jeremy and Jackie, and Michael and Marlon were musicians-backup, played tambourine and congo. Later, Michael took the place of backing vocalist, and also accompanied each performance with dances. The stern father watched the band’s rehearsals with a belt in his hands and used leather weapons if he didn’t like something.

In 1966 it was decided to rename the group to “Jackson 5” (“Jackson’s Five”), and Michael became the lead singer. The young musicians won the city talent competition with the song “I Got You (I Feel Good)”, after which they went on a tour of the Midwest, which lasted until 1968. Michael and his brothers performed in strip clubs for “blacks”, warming up the audience before the show.

In 1970, the Jackson Brothers group reached the national level – their first singles climbed to the leading positions on the American Billboard chart. Even then, Michael attracted the attention of the public with eccentric dances, which he copied from Jackie Wilson and James Brown.

Michael Jackson as a Dancer

Michael Jackson is a legend without exaggeration. The whole world knows him not only by how talented he is a singer, actor and composer, but also by how brilliant a dancer he is. Thanks to his great talent, personality and great plasticity, Michael Jackson received the informal title of the “king” of the dance floor.

Michael Jackson is the legend of the pop scene and the king of dance

From early childhood, the future king had a violent desire for dancing. With great passion, he held street competitions with the yard children on the ability to dance. Michael Jackson never missed an opportunity to prove himself in the art of dance. And every year his skill improved, and the future great dancer himself improved. Being a little older, Michael turned to different choreographers, who eventually noted the extraordinary grasp and talent of the young man. Any technique for him was not a problem and he memorized all movements, what is said, “on the fly.”

Michael Jackson learned from the movements of the star choreographers of the day. Fred Astaire can be distinguished among others. Michael borrowed many different movements from this Hollywood star and wonderful choreographer. In addition to Astaire, Jackson learned movement from other dancers such as tap dancer Bill Bailey. Without a shadow of embarrassment, he watched and borrowed everything he saw on television. In the late seventies, Michael Jackson was mentored by Jeffrey Daniel, who in turn was part of the Shalamar dance group.

Michael Jackson is the legend of the pop scene and the king of dance

It’s no secret that the famous “moonwalk” is the hallmark of Michael Jackson as a dancer. However, not everyone knows that Michael was not its ancestor. Before him, similar movements were performed by many dancers, including Astaire and Bailey. In the 1940s film Children of Paradise, the moonwalk was shown by Barrot and Decroix. The famous dance was performed by the Electric Boogaloos. Each of them conveyed their version of this sliding movement to the viewer. And, in principle, Jackson never attributed the moonwalk to himself. Michael Jackson is phenomenal in that he was able to dance it in his own way, adding step elements and performing a double reverse slide. For the first time, the moonwalk performed by Michael Jackson was presented to the public in 1983. Then, on a TV show dedicated to the 25th anniversary of Motown Records, the world was struck by the magnificence of this movement. Since that time, the moonwalk has become extremely popular and famous. She is popular to this day.

Michael Jackson is the legend of the pop scene and the king of dance

Michael Jackson is rightfully considered the king of the dance floor, not only because he brilliantly performed the moonwalk. Michael Jackson also invented his original, incomparable style of dance “Robot”. In this style, elements are intertwined that truly resemble the movements of a robot. Here, everyone can see sharp flapping of the head, lightning-fast lifting on toes and, of course, movements in the groin area.

Michael Jackson communicated every new dance trick through a music video. It was in this way that the dance impressed the viewer, even more, penetrated even deeper into his soul. Michael Jackson’s influence as a dancer has spread throughout the world. To this day, it is an integral part of the culture, without which most of humanity cannot imagine itself.

Michael Jackson’s personal life

In 1994, Michael Jackson surprised the world again by secretly tying the knot with Lisa-Maria Presley, daughter of Elvis Presley. The event became a sensation, in which some saw the expectation of saving the singer’s reputation, others – a touching merger of two famous families in the world of music. Be that as it may, the marriage lasted only a year and a half.

In November 1996, after breaking up with his first wife, Jackson married Debbie Rowe, who had once worked as a nurse. The singer has two children from this woman: the son of Prince Michael Joseph Jackson Jr. was born in 1997, and a year later his wife gave the pop king a daughter, Paris-Michael Jackson. The union of Michael Jackson and Debbie Rowe lasted until 1999.

Michael Jackson is the legend of the pop scene and the king of dance

In 2002, the artist’s third child, Prince Michael II, was born from a surrogate mother.

Death of Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson’s biographers claim that long before his death, the musician already suffered from physical ailments, underweight and dependence on pain medications. The words of the biographers are confirmed by the doctors, to whom the musician turned for painkillers. Jackson’s surgeon Arnold Klein confirmed that the pop musician was abusing prescription drugs, but noted that Michael was in good physical and psychological condition, danced for the doctor’s patients and did not look dying.

Michael Jackson is the legend of the pop scene and the king of dance

On the morning of June 25, 2009, the singer was in a rented house in the west of Los Angeles. The artist’s personal doctor, Konrad Murray, injected him with Propofol and left. Two hours later, he found Michael Jackson on the bed with his eyes and mouth wide open and tried to revive him, but failed. The 911 emergency services were called at 12:21 pm.

Medics arrived less than 4 minutes later and found the lifeless body of the pop king. Doctors, without losing hope, continued resuscitation actions for several hours but failed to bring the idol of millions back to life. The death of the pop star occurred at 14:26 local time, an overdose of drugs was recognized as the cause of death

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