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By | July 18, 2021

Katherine Langford is a budding Australian actress who shot to fame with her portrayal of Hannah Baker in the 2017 Netflix drama series ‘13 Reasons Why.’ This role earned her several award nominations, including one for the Golden Globe. She started her career appearing in small roles in independent films. After gaining confidence in her acting prowess, she auditioned for a role in the Netflix series ‘13 Reasons Why’ and was selected. After acting in the series, the young actress has gained international prominence. Curious about Katherine Langford Bio, Age, Height, Net Worth & more?

NameKatherine Langford
DOB29 April 1996
Age26 Years ( in 2021 )
Height166 cm
Birth PlacePerth, Australia
EducationHigh School
Net worth ( $ )$ 5.5 Million
Net worth ( ₹ ) ₹ 41 Crore


Katherine Langford, born April 29, 1996 in Perth, Australia. Currently her age is 26 years. She is the eldest daughter of Elizabeth and Stephen Langford. Both Katherine’s mother and father are doctors. Elizabeth is a pediatrician, and Stephen is the director of the Flying Doctor Aviation Medical Service.

Katherine grew up with her younger sister Josephine for a year in the suburb of Perth, the town of Applecross. From an early age she was fond of dramatic art and took vocal lessons. The girl was the captain of the school swimming team. After attending a concert of the pop diva Lady Gaga in 2012 as part of her international tour, she decided to learn how to play the piano.

Initially, Katherine perceived her passion for art as a hobby and planned to devote herself to medicine, like her parents, but gradually the love for art and the successes that the girl achieved in various theatrical and music competitions forced her to choose acting.


The year of the beginning of Katherine’s ascent to the cinematic Olympus is considered 2015, when she, having hired an agent, was able to get a role in the short film “The Story of Miss Oxygen”. The picture was shown at the Australian Independent Film Festival and drew attention to the young actress.

In 2016, Langford starred in the short film Imperfect Square and starred in the short film Daughter, which was shown at the Cannes Film Festival.

In the same year, Catherine was cast to participate in a television project dedicated to the early period of William Shakespeare’s life, but she did not get the role. Katherine had already received rejections more than once and therefore did not get upset, but with new hopes began to prepare for the next audition for a role in the new Netflix series, which became her lucky ticket to Hollywood.


As you know, people are greeted by their clothes, and the series – according to the first episodes and “13 Reasons Why”, which intrigued the audience not even with the first episodes, but with the first shots, met the expectations of the creators, earning the highest marks from the leading film critics of America and Europe.

Katherine, who plays a high school girl who committed suicide, landed the role through a Skype audition. In a dark and atmospheric psychological story based on Jay Escher’s bestseller, the young Australian woman was able to convey the emotional state of her heroine, who decided to take extreme measures for very good thirteen reasons.

The second protagonist of the drama is Clay, who is one of the reasons for Hannah’s suicide, a homosexual, which also contributed to the hype around the series, in a somewhat grotesque manner revealing the vices of society and the difficulties that every teenager experiences during the period of self-identification and growing up.

Two seasons of the project, called a masterpiece of masterpieces, were released from 2017 to 2018, and at the end of the second season, the creators decided to extend it for another season, filming of which began in the fall of 2018. Dylan Minnett, Alisha Bo, Ross Butler, Derek Luke, and other young actors also starred in the series.

The series became the most popular television project of 2017, and the Australian debutante was nominated for the prestigious Golden Globe and Sputnik.


All that is known about Katherine’s personal life is that she has not yet met a young man with whom she would have decided to start a romantic relationship. The romance she was credited with Dylan Minnett, her partner for 13 Reasons Why, turned out to be nothing more than gossip. The young actors are linked by friendship and mutual sympathy.

In her free time, the Australian starlet is engaged in music, loves shopping, and meeting with relatives who have remained in Australia and whom she really misses.

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