How to Increase Your Instagram Followers

By | June 1, 2021

How to get followers on Instagram? When your Instagram journey is just beginning, it’s pretty interesting to guess and anticipate how many subscribers your new account will eventually gain. The hard truth, however, is that your first 10,000 subscribers will be the hardest to reach. Why? Because nobody knows you yet. You have yet to prove yourself as a brand or influencer.

However, this does not mean that it is impossible to become popular. Follow this guide and by the way, we also recommend that you check out our article:  21 Tips for Promotion on Instagram . And you will learn how to gain your first 10,000 followers on Instagram in just six months and start making money on Instagram .Promote

Join thematic self-help groups

For beginners, this tactic is ideal. Most likely, many are familiar with the recently created Instagram accounts, which were able to gain subscribers literally before our eyes. What did they do for this? They have joined self-help communities.

And while it may initially seem like it’s better to join large communities, it’s better and more rewarding to stick with your niche. Fortunately, you can find groups of almost any theme: wedding, travel, appearance, fashion and much more.

In such groups, you can get followers and likes from accounts with similar interests and focus. However, if you are serious about getting attention, you should also follow other accounts, like and interact with the rest of your followers.

There are cases when in just a couple of weeks completely new accounts managed to gain 2,000 new subscribers.

Yes, it is unlikely that it will help with sales. However, this method allows you to get the first subscribers. All the same, a few hundred or even thousands of subscribers are more credible than only 38. For beginners, the path is ideal. Therefore, this strategy is more short-term and is designed for the first few weeks of promotion.Once stories were a surprise, but now you can’t go without them. 


When I created an Instagram account for my store, my entire publishing strategy consisted of only one thing – reposting someone else’s content. The only way to do it legally and not be branded as a shameless thief is to indicate in the description of the post the original owner of the image. By the way, Instagram recently made an innovation: now you need to ask permission to publish someone else’s content.

At the very beginning, I took screenshots and added them to my instagram. But what really made my page take off was the Repost app . It allowed me to repost video content. One of the biggest impetus to the development of the account was the repost of the video, which gained more than 52,000 views, and also received over 1,200 comments and 9,100 likes. Although then 10,000 people did not follow me.

Why did I publish someone else’s content on Instagram instead of mine?

Because it’s easier that way. Plus, videos and photos I take will never be as good as someone else’s. Well, at least I’m honest!

How did I understand what exactly needs to be repost? I analyzed the numbers.

I became a fairly active user and studied the lists of hashtags I picked up. I tried to find the most effective posts that were published by ordinary people, and not by large communities and competitors. Then I studied video and photo content, analyzing what was the biggest response. If I felt the urge to repost someone else’s record, I did it. If you’re just a student in the science of recruiting followers, this path can be a good start – it’s easy to learn and gives a good return.

To significantly accelerate the promotion, you need to find access to a huge audience. An example is the articles on

One of the members published an article on how she promoted her personal brand on Instagram. Perhaps this particular article helped her attract more subscribers. and similar sites have a section with communities where everyone can post their own content. However, to get views and credibility, you have to work hard.

Are sites like not your option? That’s cool. Look in the direction of tools like the foreign HARO, in Russia there is an analogue, the Pressfeed service of journalistic requests. Its members receive email proposals from journalists who need content and expert opinion for their stories three times a day. Most of them post a link to your website and social media account. Thus, you can kill two birds with one stone.

Ask your customers for feedback

When you are still at the beginning of the journey, it will be much easier to gain followers on Instagram if you post customer feedback photos. For what? It is a social proof tool.

If you haven’t had any customers yet, contact influential accounts in your niche with less than 5,000 followers for help. Yes, this number is not too large. However, influential companies with a small number of followers will not refuse to monetize their pages and will be ready to take photos of your products at a significantly reduced rate. In addition, it is possible to offer them a partnership agreement, according to which they will receive a commission on each sale through a referral link.

If your company has already had several sales, contact your customers and offer them a gift or cash reward for a high-quality photo with the purchased product. Of course, you don’t have to do this all the time. However, in the short term, it can help boost growth.

As more customers see photos and reviews from other customers on your Instagram account, they will naturally start tagging you in their posts when they purchase something. And if you comment on their message, repost and even subscribe, most likely sooner or later they will return for a second purchase.

Maintain a consistent post style

Yes, it sounds like one of the very empty words that fill most of the guide articles about promoting on Instagram and beyond. But the fact is that he is not so “empty talk”. Here’s why: people rarely subscribe because of the content you’ve already posted. They subscribe for future content. While expecting that it will be similar to the past.

Example: You have a Corgi dog fan page. Every day you post cute pictures and videos of these dogs. When someone subscribes to you, they expect to receive posts from the corgi in the feed in the future. You are subscribed to with the expectation that you will always post the same type of content.

Maintaining a consistent style or theme isn’t just some branding manipulation . This is creating a thematic and reliable blog that existing and potential subscribers can count on. They signed up because they want to see the same content.

If you can translate this idea into every post, the speed of your Instagram account development will increase significantly.

Ignore hashtag rules

Many experts will advise you to use no more than 5 or 11 hashtags per post. Some will name other arbitrary numbers. When I was developing my store account, I ignored their advice. And nothing terrible happened.

I just copied and pasted the hashtag list from my phone. I have sometimes experimented and tried other different hashtags. But in the end, I figured out which ones worked best. As a result, I still came to the maximum number of hashtags: 30. This is a magic number.

In general, all these hashtags are added in the first comment. However, with the development of the account, this first comment goes out of sight – because everyone is too busy to tag their friend in the post.

Of course, when you first start, people can see them. But if the goal is to increase the visibility of your Instagram account, the easiest way to achieve it is to add more hashtags. As you get more and more followers, your posts will start ranking higher. And this is where the “extra” hashtags come in very handy.

If you have a specific niche, then hashtags should correspond to it. This will increase the likelihood that your post will be found by the right audience. So avoid common hashtags like #love and #nature if you’re selling jigsaws, for example.

Stream Instagram posts to your blog

If you have a personal or business blog, you can post your Instagram posts there.

Let’s say you run a fashion blog. The style tips article can post Instagram photos of you showing off your layered outfits or fashion look. A special function built into Instagram messages allows you to insert a post from Instagram to the site. At the bottom of the comments, you must click on the “…” icon and select “Copy link”. This link is then inserted into the appropriate section of the blog.

Over time, the number of visitors to your site will increase. And surely, having seen such an “insert”, some of them will want to go to your Instagram.

True, this is more of a long-term game. Especially if you are not getting traffic today. However, don’t miss the opportunity to increase your visibility over time.

Follow users who follow your competitors

To increase your follower count, study your competitors’ followers. Start by making a list of your top contenders for customer attention. Write them down. Then look at the posts for their posts to see who is commenting on their content. Subscribe to these commenters and generally be proactive towards them. 

Keep in mind that it is best to opt for smaller brands when choosing your competitors. Why? Because big brands tend to have more loyal audiences. And if, as a salesman for a little-known brand of makeup brushes, you try to get the attention of people who comment on Sephora, chances are you will fail. This is not your target audience.

However, if a competitor has about 100,000 subscribers, most likely they do not have this loyalty.

When commenting on messages of potential customers, try not to frighten off with advertising. Also, don’t write the same thing to all people. Be natural. And if in the comments a person asks you about something, give an answer. You can study the comments of others and use them as a guide.

By interacting with people, you increase the chance of getting more additional subscribers.

Another way to increase the number of followers is to order advertising from a popular Instagram character with a large number of subscribers. Or an influencer.

If the followers of such a character are loyal to him, they can listen to his words and subscribe to you. And maybe even make a couple of purchases.

Be sure to sign a contract that will not send you fake traffic. Once we faced a similar situation and as a result, instead of living subscribers, we received 2000 dead souls. It was obvious that these were bots. It is worth noting that for a large influx of fake subscribers, your account can be blocked.

If you are looking for a more effective approach to attracting new customers, ask the influencer to participate in your stories . That way, to see the story, people will jump to you. However, care must be taken to ensure that the audience is warned in advance of this event – preferably a few days in advance.

How to gain Follower through Apps.

If you want to increase your follower . You can simply use this free software. This free software help you to gain Instagram follower in very less time.

Give gifts

If from time to time you have sales on your Instagram and do not have too many followers, then you have a chance to increase their number, for example, a quiz can help you quickly gain followers on Instagram. However, if on your site you give gifts or discounts in exchange for subscribing to your account on Instagram and other social networks, then the reach and number of subscribers will be much greater. By the way, it is now very important to monitor the reach,

If the traffic on the site is very small, then information about the sale can be posted in groups and publics on other social networks. Or blogs.

When I was just starting to master marketing, I turned to bloggers for help. In exchange for review posts, I sent them free products. Most agreed to such cooperation, although some asked for cash payment. In short, a blogger posts a review article on this or that product, filled with photographs and demonstrations of personal experience. At the end, the audience is invited to win this product for free by simply following you on social media. As a result, we get hundreds of new subscribers. This is a great way to gain subscribers if you don’t have your own permanent audience yet or it is too small.

When you’re just starting out, this method can be a great help in promoting your Instagram account. However, as you gain more subscribers, you should not resort to this practice too often. Otherwise, you risk getting the wrong audience. If the main goal is sales, giving away is not always helpful. If the goal is a quick recruitment of live subscribers, feel free to use this method.

Collaborate with other businesses

A brand once repost one of my photos. Since that brand had almost 300,000 followers, some of them went to my account and ended up subscribing. I didn’t have to do anything other than work directly on the content. I didn’t even have to look for new subscribers on my own. And this case was not the only one. So cooperation with other companies is beneficial.

How to get Instagram followers: tips from three influential bloggers

Juanica Dildi is the founder of the popular site. Her Instagram account has received over 16.1 thousand followers. Here’s her advice on how to get followers on Instagram:

How did you manage to get over 16,000 subscribers? What’s the secret?

Interaction with people is essential. It’s important to make it clear to your fans that they are as valuable to you as you are to them. To increase the degree of interaction, you need to select successful and attractive hashtags for subscribers, look for those that stand out against the background of other users, put likes and respond to comments. Thus, you will generate more interest among subscribers, they will follow your page and mark their friends in your posts.

Do you use apps to increase your subscriber base?

First, tools like Instagress were used. They were quite helpful in the early days. However, with the advent of targeting and sponsored content, they are no longer needed.

What advice would you give to the question of how to get followers on Instagram?

Post, post and post! The more users see your content, the more people will become familiar with your brand, love it, subscribe and share with others. The more you post, the more your visibility becomes.

Imagine waking up in the middle of the night from the noise in the kitchen. You run there and suddenly you see Oprah Winfrey drinking coffee. Why won’t most of them call the police? Because they’ve seen her so many times, they feel like they know her. It is this effect that provides persistent content.

If you were asked to name something that you do differently from other Instagrammers, what would it be?

My account encourages, inspires and, most importantly, informs. It is attractive to both popular media people and ordinary people.

Talia Koren is the mastermind behind her lunch break, with an astounding 114k followers following. We asked her what is the best way to get Instagram followers – this is what she told us:

What helped you gain six-figure subscribers?

I listen to my audience and give them what they ask for. I put effort, attention and time into them, and then they return them to me. Also, consistency helped me. Every day I post valuable content that not only tells about something, but also helps. Finally, I pay close attention to platform innovations. Using new features and understanding algorithm changes has also helped me grow.

Have you used any tools to grow your subscribers?

No, I don’t use any tools other than Instagram internal analytics. She is great. Analytics is important because it helps you understand what works and what doesn’t. If you know the statistics, you will not have any problems in gaining followers on Instagram quickly and a lot.

To build followers on Instagram, what should you focus on first?

When you start with 0 or fewer than 1000 people, ignore the number. All the same, the process will go slowly. Instead, focus on ways to improve your user experience, think about how you can be useful to them and get them to talk about you.

What do you think sets you apart from other bloggers?

Well, my blog is not that different from the others. However, I don’t post selfies. And it’s not about me, it’s about my audience. I also often use stories, my subscribers really like it.

Gracie Parish is an influential Instagram blogger, her Instagram has grown to an impressive 41.3k. We asked her to share her advice on how to get a lot of Instagram followers, this is what she said:

What did you do to get over 40,000 Instagram followers?

I devote a lot of time to communication with subscribers. Not only within the platform, but also via email, Facebook and Pinterest. I set aside time each week to respond with as many subscribers as I can. Thanks to the partnership strategy, I have had the opportunity to collaborate with many bloggers and brands who, it seems to me, are on the same wavelength with my own brand.

What is the biggest contributor to your follower growth?

I put a lot of effort into creating and maintaining the authenticity of my account. I try to create the most sincere relationship with my subscribers. Therefore, for example, I undertake advertising only for those companies and products in which I myself believe. After five years of running an Instagram account, it became clear to me how to choose the right brands that best suit my focus and style, as well as the companies that my subscribers like. This led to success.

If they ask you how to get a lot of followers, what do you recommend?

Remain yourself and try not to give up. The development of my Instagram account took me years of intense work. If you are able to consistently broadcast your brand image and remain true to yourself, your followers will notice and appreciate it. I would also like to give a recommendation not to get upset because of failures at the beginning, because the development of an account really takes a lot of time and requires practice.

How does your blog stand out from others?

I try to share my real life with subscribers. And while a lot of the content I post is sponsored, I strive to post real-world posts that help my fans get to know and understand me. I also try to give them what they ask for. Many bloggers are becoming more businessmen. And while a blog is really a business, it is important not to lose its authenticity and stay true.


The hardest part of attracting subscribers is the initial stages of recruiting. Once you cross the 10,000 subscriber line, you will still need to continue to use some or all of the strategies in this article to break the 100,000 mark. Or even the 1,000,000 mark.

In the end, you will have to work on yourself and your image more than ever before, devoting most of your time to the virtual space of the platform. Perhaps posting posts three times a day on a regular basis will help improve your reach. In the end, however, all this hard work will pay off. And you will get an Instagram that you can be proud of.

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