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Elizabeth Hurley Age, Height, Net worth & More

The English actress and model, Elizabeth Hurley, who has now crossed her 50th birthday, still looks amazing. The actress is loved by the audience for the films “Blinded by Desires”, “Fraudsters”, “Bad Guy”, and the TV series “Gossip Girl” and “People of the Future”. She was also noted in the thriller Method, as well as… Read More »

Jennifer Aniston Age, Height, Net worth & More

Jennifer Aniston is an American actress who became widely known for her role as the wayward and spoiled Rachel Green in the most popular TV series of the 90s “Friends”, for which, by the way, she was awarded a Golden Globe. At the same time, she did not become an actress of one role. Aniston’s… Read More »

Emilia-Clarke Age, Height, Net worth & More

British theater and film actress, Emilia Clarke became world famous after the premiere of the cult TV series Game of Thrones, popular with millions of viewers of all ages. There she played the role of Daenerys Targaryen, Mother of Dragons, who became a watershed in her career, and raised her to the status of the… Read More »

Diane-Kruger Age, Height, Net worth & More

Diane Kruger is an actress, model, muse of Quentin Tarantino and the heroine of Inglourious Basterds. Although not only this film brought fame to the actress. The first significant film was the Hollywood drama “Troy”, the series of films “National Treasure”, “Obsession”. An interesting fact – 3000 actresses applied for the role of Elena the… Read More »

Meg-Ryan Age, Height, Net worth & More

Popular Hollywood actress, Meg Ryan became famous for her roles in films: “Kate and Leo”, “French Kiss“, “Amityville 3” and many others. She easily succeeded in the role of ideal wives and lovers. So the role of a romantic nature, and a beautiful girl with blonde curls and a perfect smile, was fixed for her.

Uma-Thurman Age, Height, Net worth & More

Possessing a non-standard but attractive appearance, Uma Thurman is very popular with filmmakers, critics, and viewers. The actress gained fame and recognition from her collaboration with Quentin Tarantino. And her role in the film Pulp Fiction and two parts of the film Kill Bill. Uma Thurman Net worth is around $50 million,

Winona-Ryder Bio, Age, Height & Net worth

One of the original actresses, Winona Ryder became famous in the 80s. While still little known, she worked with such famous personalities as Tim Barton (“Beetlejuice”), Martin Scorsese (“The Age of Innocence”), Francis Ford Coppola (“Dracula”). One of the latest high-profile projects is the mystical series Stranger Things. Let’s Learn more about Winona-Ryder’s Bio, Age,… Read More »

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