10 facts and stories from the life of Hollywood actors

By | December 19, 2020

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1. The oldest Hollywood actor is 104 years old

 0  Norman Lloyd was born on November 8, 1914. His show business career began in 1923 and continues to this day. At the age of nine, he was already performing on the professional stage, dancing and singing verses. Lloyd played in the theater, appeared on the radio, was a director, producer. He starred with Alfred Hitchcock (“Saboteur”, “Bewitched”), Charlie Chaplin (“Ramp Lights”), Peter Weir (“Dead Poets Society”), Martin Scorsese (“The Age of Innocence”) and many other famous directors. The last film with Lloyd at the moment was released in 2015, this is Judd Apatow’s comedy “Girl without complexes”. Lloyd’s plans do not include artistic pictures, but he continues to appear in documentaries, remembering his colleagues, arranges creative meetings, gives interviews and is not going to retire.

2. The main role in “Die Hard” was to be played by Frank Sinatra

Die Hard is based on Roderick Thorpe’s Nothing Lasts Forever. This novel continues the story of Detective Joe Leland, described in Thorpe’s other book, Detective, which was filmed in 1968 with Frank Sinatra in the title role. When the studio bought the rights to Nothing Lasts Forever, the role was again offered to Sinatra. The actor read the script and realized that he would not pull a new film. I must say that the original script was tailored specifically for Sinatra, who considered the militants stupid and did not like gunfights and stunts, but even this option the artist considered jaded action. “Blue-eyed” refused the role, citing his age, at that time he was over seventy. Then the scriptwriters rewrote the script, making “Nothing Lasts Forever” a full-fledged action movie. The role of the detective was offered to Arnold Schwarzenegger, but Schwartz refused, he did not like that the villains in the film speak with a German accent. They were looking for a new detective for a long time, until they accidentally stumbled upon Bruce Willis. The script was rewritten again and named Die Hard.

3. George Clooney gave friends a million dollars in gratitude for their support

In 2013, Clooney invited 14 friends (sorry, not 11) to his house for dinner. When everyone was assembled, the actor made a speech and thanked his friends for their support and help in difficult times of lack of money and endless refusals at casting. Then he gave each friend a suitcase full of money. 14 friends received a million dollars. So that no one refused out of courtesy, Clooney warned, either everyone takes a suitcase, or no one gets anything. In fact, the actor gave out more, but he also paid taxes on each amount, so the friends received exactly $ 1,000,000.

4. The first African American actress to win an Oscar was not allowed to sit next to white actors at the awards ceremony

 Hattie McDaniel is the first African American actress to receive an Oscar. Hattie received the statuette for her role as mother in “Gone with the Wind” (1939) by Victor Fleming. At the awards ceremony, the actress had to walk from a separate African American table in the far corner. Experience the difference between modern ceremonies and the Oscars from eighty years ago.

5. The most famous performer of the role of Count Dracula in the cinema

At the funeral, close friends of the actor joked that for loyalty to the deceased, it is worth sticking an aspen stake in the chest.

6. Jack Nicholson loves wrestling

Everyone knows that Jack Nicholson loves basketball and does not miss a single match of his favorite team, the Los Angeles Lakers. The famous Hollywood retiree also has great respect for wrestling. In one of the interviews, he joked (or maybe not joked) that he wants to create his own league, where he will definitely take Jim Carrey, Robert Downey Jr., Tom Cruise and Johnny Depp. If such a wrestling team became a reality, then Nicholson’s league battles would have gathered 10 times more viewers than the final “Avengers”.

7. Benedict Cumberbatch was kidnapped by bandits in South Africa in 2005

In 2013, a British actor with a difficult to pronounce surname told reporters about how he almost died at the hands of South African bandits. In 2005, in South Africa, Benedict Cumberbatch starred in the mini-series “Journey to the End of the Earth” and once left the set with friends to see the city of Durban closest to the set by car with friends. Towards nightfall, the friends stopped to replace a leaky wheel. No sooner had Cumberbatch got his spare tire than armed men attacked the travelers. Threatening with machine guns, the bandits tied up the English filmmakers (according to Cumberbatch’s recollections so badly that his limbs immediately became numb), threw them into the trunk of their van and drove them in an unknown direction. Cumberbatch was confident that he would be killed. Confidence only increased when the British were thrown out of their car onto a deserted night road. Fortunately, the bandits did not kill the prisoners, but simply left them on the road, taking with them everything of value that they could find in their pockets and in a car with a leaky wheel. After some time, the tied up British were found by a stranger who was passing by. In an interview, the actor admitted: “This incident left a serious imprint on my life values ​​and priorities.”

8. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson holds the record for the most speed selfies

At the premiere of San Andreas Rift on May 21, 2015 in London, Skala was able to selfies 105 times in three minutes. The Guinness Book of Records Commission made sure that everything was done according to the rules, the pictures were not blurred, and gave the actor a certificate confirming the achievement. The previous selfie record also belongs to the Rock.

9. Nicolas Cage is filming everything in a row because he lost all his savings due to the 2007 financial crisis

Even the most dedicated fans of Nicolas Cage will not immediately be able to remember the last good film in which their favorite starred. Cage was once an A-class Hollywood star, films with him brought in hundreds of millions of dollars in profit, and he himself did not complain about the number of zeros in royalties. The actor invested his Hollywood salary in real estate, which fell sharply in value due to the 2007 mortgage crisis in the United States. In addition to large financial losses, in 2009 Cage was accused of non-payment of income tax, he owed the state $ 14 million. Cage has sold all of his houses and has been living in a rented apartment in Las Vegas since 2015. To maintain the standard of living of the Hollywood star, albeit tarnished, he accepts any proposals from the producers.
And Cage got married drunk in March of this year in Las Vegas. The newlyweds divorced four days later, this was Nicolas Cage’s fourth marriage.

10. A torture specialist from the CIA was brought to the set to help Jim Carrey survive the harsh filming of The Grinch.

Filming in “The Grinch Stole Christmas” cost Jim Carrey a lot of torment. To turn into a green hater of the winter holiday, the actor spent 8.5 hours in the make-up chair every day. Kerry likened this makeup marathon to being buried alive. After the first “burial” Jim Carrey refused to continue filming. To help the actor and not disrupt the filming process, a CIA man was invited to the set, who trained the operatives to endure torture. On the advice of a torture specialist, Kerry smoked a lot (due to the peculiarities of makeup and costume, the cigarette had a long mouthpiece, so the Grinch looked like a fat and hairy Holly Golightly smeared with greenery between takes), asked those around him to slap him periodically and listened to Bee Gees. 100 times Jim Carrey had to transform into the Grinch and this transformation took a total of 35 days. “It’s all for the kids,” Jim reassured himself when it became especially difficult to steal Christmas under the red-hot spotlights.

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