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5 most successful Netflix series

1. Unsolved Mysteries A remake of the 1988 project of the same name Unsolved Mysteries . Viewers are told real cases of mysterious disappearances, shocking murders and paranormal phenomena. Cases that have occurred not only in the United States, but also abroad are being investigated. “The main feature of the series is that all cases are absolutely real and… Read More »

Top 10 Netflix TV Shows You Must Watch

We continue to sit at home and fight the pandemic with the help of laziness and interesting TV shows. In this collection, you will find real blockbusters that look a breeze and leave pleasant memories after. Save to bookmarks and see them all – you won’t regret it. Let’s start: Black Mirror Genre: fantasy, thriller, dramaViewers… Read More »

25 best actors and actresses of the 21st century

Recently, the authoritative edition of The New York Times published a list of the 25 best actors of the 21st century according to their version. Here is the full list from 1st to 25th place This list inspired me to create my Top 21st Century Actors and Actresses. I decided to indicate in the top the name… Read More »

5 best dialer apps and contacts apps

1. True Phone True Phone is a relatively young project designed to completely replace the standard dialer and contact manager. By the way, the application is “one-handed” with a one-window interface, that is, it can be operated with one hand. At the same time, support for T9 is implemented, which is easily customizable and offers… Read More »

Top 10 best adventure movies

1. Sherlock Holmes (2009) The great detective Sherlock Holmes never gets tired of getting into trouble. His constant assistant, friend, colleague Dr. Watson dreams of a calm future. Soon he will be engaged to his girlfriend. Only his colleague is skeptical about family happiness. The dispute between the heroes turns into a serious quarrel. In… Read More »

Amitabh Bachchan Best Movies

1. Sholay (1975) The police department managed to get on the trail of the gang and capture the leader himself – Gabbar Sinha. But there are no walls in any cell that could hold him back. The perpetrator escapes from prison and brutally assaults the family of a police inspector. To take revenge on the… Read More »

Top 5 Salman Khan Movies

1. Chori Chori Chupke Chupke, 2001 The son of an industrial tycoon Raj meets Priya at his friend’s wedding and can no longer imagine his life without her. Soon, young people get married and, to the delight of everyone, expect replenishment in the family. But the irreparable happens, because of an unsuccessful fall, Priya has a… Read More »

10 cool WhatsApp tips you never knew existed

WhatsApp is the most popular instant messenger in the world that most people use for plain text messaging. Meanwhile, it has a lot of non-obvious useful features that few people know about. We have collected 10 cool WhatsApp tips that make using the program more convenient and can really help out in some cases. The Highlighted e text bold /… Read More »


WhatsApp is the world’s most popular instant messaging application, and for this reason it receives constant updates, has a wide range of features and supports a wide range of devices. Not surprisingly, there are already one billion users using it. Want to get the most out of this app? I know a few useful tricks that I want to… Read More »

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