Biography and personal life of Meghan Markle

By | July 5, 2021

Duchess of Sussex – Meghan Reicher Markle is married to Prince Harry, the youngest son of Princess Diana and Prince Charles. Meghan Markle’s biography before meeting with the prince is associated with cinema and modeling. The girl actively starred in serials and feature films, was a model. The duchess has maternal African American roots. She follows the figure, is always fit, keeps herself in shape. The royal couple have two children – a son, Archie, and a daughter, Lilibet.

Childhood and youth

Markle is from California, the girl was born on August 4, 1981 in Los Angeles. Megan’s father is Thomas Markle, a Dutchman with Irish roots. Not so long ago it was revealed that he is a direct descendant of King Edward of England. It turns out that Rachel is a distant relative of her husband.

Thomas has worked in television and was awarded the famous Emmy Award. Megan has dark skin from her mother Doria – she is African American, education – a specialist in sociology and psychology. Recently she worked as a yoga instructor. Parents did not live together for long. After their divorce, Megan moved to live with her mother.

The girl often spent time behind the scenes; her father took her with him to the shooting. Rachel quickly made acquaintances with the actors. Markle skillfully drew movie stars, watched the shooting and dreamed of becoming an actress. Parents sent their daughter to elite schools, where she studied with children of celebrities.

From an early age, Megan already showed a strong character, stubbornness and perseverance. At the age of 11, the girl sent a letter to Hillary Clinton, which spoke about the inconsistency in advertising stereotypes towards women, showing only the image of a housewife in the videos. The appeal was noticed and advertisers revised the content of their works.

Markle studied well, loved to read books, was curious. After graduating from school, the girl goes to university, immediately chooses 2 specialties “international relations” and “theatrical art”. Even during her studies, the girl tried herself as a model.

Beginning of Career

In 2003, Megan works for the US Embassy in Public Relations. Megan’s friend invited the girl to audition for the series, the shooting was successful, Rachel made her film debut. The girl managed to combine the activities of the actress with the modeling business.

Rachel did not immediately succeed in becoming an artist. There were a number of cameo roles in TV shows. The girl participated in various TV shows as a model. In 2002 she had her first role in the film “General Hospital”.

Rachel got one of the main roles in the serial drama Force Majeure. The role of an employee of a legal agency was successful, she lasted 7 seasons on the series. The duchess refused to renew the contract for the 8th duchess, shooting was scheduled for 2018. The project was rated above average. The series was watched not only in America, it was loved in Japan and South Korea.


  • “Main Hospital” – 2002;
  • “More than love” – ​​2005;
  • “Deception” – 2006;
  • “Apostles” – 2008;
  • “Edge” (TV series) – 2008-20013;
  • Castle – 2009;
  • Remember Me – 2010;
  • “Candidate” – 2010;
  • Horrible Bosses – 2011;
  • “Dysfunctional Friends” – 2012;
  • “Accidental Encounters” – 2013;
  • “When Sparks Fly” – 2014;
  • “Anti-social” – 2015;
  • “How to find a husband” – 2016

In 2020, the Duchess voiced the documentary Elephant, a film by a French director. Reviews of Megan’s work were different, some called Rachel’s voice acting superficial, others thought that the actress showed excessive emotionality.

Meghan Markle’s personal life before marriage

In her biography and personal life, before her marriage to Prince Harry, the future Duchess Rachel already had an affair, after which she entered into an unsuccessful marriage. A relationship with producer Trevor Engelson began in 2004. The couple lived for 7 years, then the young people legalized their relationship. The marriage lasted only 2 years. Engelson took the divorce hard without commenting on it.

In 2014, Megan dated Rory McIlroy, a famous Irish golfer. The relationship continued throughout the year, then the couple broke up. In the photo, Megan Markle, before her marriage to Harry, can be seen with loose, slightly disheveled hair. She often wore short skirts and tight-fitting dresses.

In 2016, sensational news broke out – Rachel is Prince Harry’s new girlfriend. Some journalists wrote that they were brought together by Misha Nunu, others that the meeting was facilitated by the acquaintance of Prince Violet von Westenholz, who was Markle’s girlfriend. At first, the couple hid their relationship, in November Gary introduced the bride to her father, the Duke of Cambridge. Immediately everyone started talking about the imminent wedding. Queen Elizabeth, gave approval for the union of young people.


Markle loves to cook, read, plays the board game “Scrabble”. And in 2016, the actress tried herself as a designer, releasing a collection of clothes under her own brand.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s wedding

In 2017, on November 27, the lovers announced their engagement. Rachel had to change her citizenship and religious views. Harry carefully prepared for the engagement, the prince personally watched the creation of the wedding ring. The jewelry is decorated with a large diamond and several medium diamonds, they belonged to Harry’s mother, Diana.

In 2018, the royal wedding took place on May 19. All family members and their subjects gathered for the celebration. Rachel arrived by car with her mother, Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

Exactly one year after the wedding, on May 6, the couple had a son, Archie Harrison Mountbatten Windsor. Childbirth took place in a London elite clinic, the cost of staying in the ward per day was $ 1,000. The happy parents showed their son to the whole world on the second day.

Meghan Markle now

At this time, Megan supports her husband, helps him get used to his new life. Harry for the sake of his wife gave up royal duties and tries to lead a normal life. The couple has signed a million-dollar deal with Spotify and Netflix. The Prince and Duchess will star in children’s shows and documentaries.

In March 2021, young people took part in the Oprey Winfrey Show. The candid interview shocked the royals. Meghan shared how Kate Middleton brought her to tears by discussing the color of the unborn Archie. Also about other unpleasant incidents that occurred in the bosom of the family.

Markle could not get used to the restrictions imposed on the royal family. In the show, it was revealed that Rachel signed with Harry 3 days before the wedding ceremony. The show was broadcast on many channels. Megan admitted about her suicidal thoughts, about a nervous breakdown and that her husband’s relatives did not offer her help.

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