Billie Eilish Age, Height, Family, Biography & more

By | July 22, 2021
Billie Eilish Age, Height, Family, Biography

Billie Eilish is an American singer-songwriter. Her debut single “Ocean Eyes” went viral with over 194 million views on Spotify, and her song “Bad guy” has garnered all the major music awards, including MTV EMAs and a Grammy nomination. curious about Knowing more about Billie Eilish Age, Height, Family, Biography & more?

Billie Eilish is a popular contemporary performer who became famous at the age of 14. Her career began with an amateur video on the Web, and now the girl is the # 1 star. Billie Eilish Net worth is $ 30 million

Name Billie Eilish
DOB11 October 2001
Age20 Years ( in 2021 )
Height165 cm
Birth Place Los Angeles
EducationHigh School
Net worth ( $ )$ 30 million
Net worth ( ₹ )₹ 220 Crores


Billie Eilish Pirat Baird O’Connell was born on December 18, 2001 in Los Angeles. Her parents are actress, musician and screenwriter Maggie Baird and American actor Patrick O’Connell (West Wing, Supergirl). Billie Eilish is 20 Years old (in 2021)

Billy’s parental home is located in the Highland Park area. “It’s now Highland Park has become popular, but when I was growing up there, it wasn’t like that at all,” says Billy. “We constantly heard shots and all that – we never knew what to expect. And people think I’m a rich little girl from Los Angeles. “

Billy spent her childhood, like her older brother, at home schooling – she is still grateful for this decision of her parents. The girl believes that in a regular school no one would take her seriously, and this would upset her very much. At home, nothing distracted Eilish from gaining knowledge and her most favorite pastime – music.


In October 2015, Billy’s brother Finneas wrote the lyric composition Ocean Eyes. “I really liked this song, I couldn’t get it out of my head for several weeks,” recalls Eilish. One day, a teacher in a dance studio where Billy was studying asked a girl to record a song for their upcoming dance number. Eilish chose Ocean Eyes. The song delighted everyone, and Billy and his brother decided to upload it to SoundCloud.

Interestingly, before that, Billy and his brother had already uploaded two of their own songs to the network. However, only Ocean Eyes was destined to win the hearts of listeners. At that time, Billy was only 13 years old.


Billie Eilish’s personal life is a mystery to fans. The girl never mentioned that she had a boyfriend, but at the same time Billy did not hide the fact that she had to fight off her fans. Rumors circulated on the network that Billy was dating Canadian singer and model Shawn Mendes, musician Khalid and Instagram star Jack Francis, but the singer does not comment on these fan guesses.

In November 2018, Billie Eilish spoke openly about her suffering from Tourette’s syndrome. This recognition was prompted by videos that appeared on the network, in which Eilish’s motor tics are noticeable – blinking, raising eyebrows, unnatural bulging of eyes.

Billie Eilish does not eat meat and tries to lead an ecological lifestyle. Together with vegan and eco-activist actor Woody Harrelson, she recorded an appeal asking them to give up animal products and plastic.


In 2020, Eilish delighted fans with new compositions. Among them – No Time To Die, which became the soundtrack for the next James Bond film with Daniel Craig. At the end of the year, the singer also released a new video – over 140 million people watched it in four months.

In early 2021, Eilish took part in the production of the series “Euphoria” – the singer wrote the soundtrack “Lo Vas a Olvidar” for one of the episodes. The single became a joint one with the singer Rosalia. It is interesting that this composition was the first for Billy, performed together with someone.

Billie Eilish Instagram Profile

Billie Eilish Instagram Profile