Amitabh Bachchan Best Movies

By | June 4, 2021

1. Sholay (1975)

The police department managed to get on the trail of the gang and capture the leader himself – Gabbar Sinha. But there are no walls in any cell that could hold him back. The perpetrator escapes from prison and brutally assaults the family of a police inspector.

To take revenge on the bloody rapist and protect a peaceful village from a gang of robbers, Inspector Thakur hires two daredevils. He has his own account with the leader of the gang, but revenge will be resigned before the law.

3. Zanjeer (1973)

The hero of the film is a young policeman Vijay Khanna. When he was only five years old, bandits killed his parents. The boy who miraculously survived remembered the bracelet with a white horse on the killer’s hand for life.

One day Vijay receives information about the transportation of illegal goods. Almost dying at the hands of assassins, Vijay ends up in an underground warehouse, and then in the lair of the gang leader Teji. Left alone with Teji, Vijay notices that bracelet with a white horse on his arm.

4. The Wall (1975)

Tragic story of trade union activist Ananda Babu, who took his own life because of unfair slander.

Anand’s family, wife and two sons, lived for many years with the stigma of traitors, not knowing how to get rid of it.

It affected the lives of Babu’s sons, but both guys went their own way. Rabbi Varma became a policeman, and Vijay, in contrast to him, became a gangster.

And although the brothers had almost nothing in common, blood ties do not allow them to forget about themselves, especially when there is an opportunity to find out who is to blame for the death of their father and punish the villains.

Amitabh Bachchan’s company on the set was made up of famous Bollywood actors – Shashi Kapoor (“When the flowers are blooming”) and Nitu Singh (“Love is life”).

5. Shakti (1982)

An intense drama that deeply reveals the conflict between the generation of fathers and children.

Inspector Ashwini’s son is kidnapped by a gang of smugglers. The father does not dare to betray his debt, even for the safety of his son, and therefore refuses the kidnappers in the deal.

Despite this, he does his best to save young Vijay. As a result, the boy escapes from captivity, but since he heard the words of his father, who sacrificed his life, he can no longer trust him.

Years later, Vijay, already an adult man, gets a job at Shahnaz, which, as it turned out, is being held by the very smugglers-kidnappers.

Another great work by Amitabh Bachchan. All films with the actor’s participation are distinguished by an excellent cast and an interesting plot.

The highlight of this picture is that for the first time the stars of Indian cinema – Bachchan and Dilip Kumar (“Devdas”) played in it.


6. Agneepath (1990)

The film tells about the village teacher Dinant, who out of pity deals not only with schoolchildren but also with a local prostitute.

Dinanath’s envious people arrange to be caught at one of these lessons, presenting the situation in a different light.

Outraged villagers do not understand who is right and who is wrong, and beat the teacher to death.

But Dinanath has a son, Vijay, who knows the truth about his father and hopes to avenge his unjust death.

The picture instantly entered the highest-grossing films, and Amitabh Bachchan and his colleague on the set Mithun Chakraborty (“Disco Dancer”) woke up famous.

The film was such a resounding success that in 2012 there was a remake starring leading Indian stars Hrithik Roshan (Say You Love!) And Priyanka Chopra (Rescuers Malibu).

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