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By | June 13, 2021

The most famous reality show in Russia “Dom-2” has become the starting point for many of today’s pop, television and Internet stars. One of the brightest and most memorable participants in the project was Alexandra Gozias. The girl still retains her former popularity, and her biography is very interesting to fans.

Childhood and youth

Alexandra Gozias (real name – Krotkova) was born in Baltiysk near Kaliningrad on June 2, 1990. When the girl was 10 years old, her parents broke up. Sasha’s father went to another woman who was younger than his wife. Despite this, the daughter did not become angry with him, and until his death, they maintained friendly warm relations.

Realizing that the child needs a father, Sasha’s mother Natalya Ivanova decides to marry again. The stepfather tried to provide for everyone, both his wife and his adopted daughter so that they did not feel the need for anything.

Alexandra met her future husband at the age of 18. Ilya Krotkov seemed to the girl self-confident, albeit a little arrogant, and she immediately fell in love with the young man. Sasha’s feelings turned out to be mutual, and after a couple of months of the relationship, the couple begins to live under the same roof. After some time, the girl becomes pregnant and gives birth to her daughter Sophia. After that, young people decide to legalize the relationship and in July 2013 they hold a wedding ceremony.

Plastic surgery

Alexandra is a fan of rhinoplasty. The results of the surgeon’s intervention are clearly visible on the face and body of the girl.

Sasha enlarged her breasts, as she informed her fans. The features of her face also changed – the cheekbones became more pronounced and stood a little higher, and her lips noticeably increased in volume. Gozias before and after plastic surgery is noticeably different, and this is very clearly visible. The girl’s height – 165 centimeters – has remained unchanged. Gozias weighs 47 kg.

Gozias today

After leaving the project, Alexandra did not lose her former fame. Like many former members of Dom-2, she created an online store called Gozias-shop, where she sells clothes and shoes for women. The popularity of the girl is eloquently indicated by the fact that in the first five days of the existence of the public on Vkontakte , more than 20 thousand people became its subscribers .

She also has a page on Instagram, where almost 2 thousand publications have already been made. The number of Sasha’s subscribers is steadily approaching one million. On social networks, you can track new turns in the biography of Alexandra Gozias, see new photos, evaluate tattoos, and more.

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