5 best dialer apps and contacts apps

By | June 4, 2021

1. True Phone

True Phone is a relatively young project designed to completely replace the standard dialer and contact manager. By the way, the application is “one-handed” with a one-window interface, that is, it can be operated with one hand.

At the same time, support for T9 is implemented, which is easily customizable and offers different design options. At first glance, the novelty is striking in its functionality, but it requires a certain fee

2. ExDialer

Shareware ExDialer (five-day trial) has been on Google Play for a long time. The “dialer” is distinguished by its small volume, smooth interface, as well as the ability to load various plugins.

Interestingly, the developer completely refuses to tie support for two SIMs to the code, referring to the imperfection of the Google SDK. Hmm, a dubious excuse, but this series of articles does not imply two-symbol applications.

3. 2GIS Dialer

2GIS had previously experimented with its own “dialer”, but the first project was for some reason put aside and has not been updated since last summer. Instead, the developers presented a new solution.

It turned out to be somewhat truncated, but completely in Russian and in a business style, without any fancy stuff and tinsel. We are offered caller ID, quick search for business numbers and a dialer designed to replace the standard Google solution.

4. Rocket dialer

Another well-known “dialer”. When you open it for the first time, the program includes a small training mode consisting of six slides. Then a familiar numeric block and a list of recent calls appear in front of you. Rocket Dialer paid a lot of attention to gestures. You can see the full list of supported gestures in the screenshots below. I was pleasantly surprised by so many gestures.

5. Voice Call Dialer

Voice Call Dialer is an easy and smart contacts dialer that helps in voice dialing and making calls. Voice Call / Dialer are a simple app which enables voice dialing/calls on Android Smartphone.

-No need to search your contact manually.
-No need of keyboard to type number.
-Simply say your contact name to make a call.
-You can directly send a message or add a number to contacts.
-You can search contacts.
-A normal 3D dial is also available.
-Provides more call log information with call duration.

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