10 WhatsApp tricks most women don’t know

By | June 2, 2021

Almost everyone has WhatsApp installed on their smartphones. But do you think you are using its capabilities to the maximum? If you don’t want your personal to become public or you want to become invisible to your contact list, as well as learn a lot of other tricks that many do not even know about, all you need to do is just look into the settings.

Bright Side reveals 10 useful functions of this app that will make your life a little easier.

1. How to become invisible on WhatsApp

If you think that not everyone needs to know when you are online , view your statuses, profile photos and information, use this trick:

  • For Android: Go to menu> Settings > Account > Privacy and change the visibility settings for personal data.
  • For iOS: Go to Settings by clicking on the gear in the lower right corner of the screen, open the Privacy section and change the settings.

2. How to make messages more expressive

In addition to pictures and emoticons, you can add accents to messages using italics, bold, or strikethrough.

  • To write text in italics , use _ underscores _ on both sides of the text.
  • Want to make your text bold ? Place * asterisks * on either side of the text.
  • When you need to apply strikethrough to text , use ~ tilde ~ before and after the text.

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3. How to send messages to a group of contacts without creating a group

To create a newsletter, start WhatsApp. Go to the Chats > Menu > New Broadcast screen . Click on the “+” or enter friends’ names to select recipients from your contact list.

The message will be sent to everyone you tagged on the mailing list. In this case, the recipients of the mailing list will receive this message as a standard one. Their responses will not be sent to other members of the mailing list , they will only come to you.

4. How to understand that you have been blocked

There are several “symptoms” that indicate that you may have been blocked:

  • You do not see the contact’s last visit or “online” status in the chat window.
  • You do not see any updates to the contact’s profile photo.
  • All your messages are marked with one check mark (message sent), but never with two check marks (message delivered).
  • You are creating a group and you cannot add a contact to it from the person who seems to have blocked you.

Nevertheless, the listed signs do not give 100% certainty that you are in the ban list. Your friend could have just changed the visibility settings.

5. How to save smartphone memory from auto-loading media files

Caring WhatsApp saves by default all the photos that come during the conversation. Only now it often clogs memory a lot, and you don’t want to deny yourself the installation of new applications.

Solution: just turn off autosave photos in the app settings. For Android: Go to Settings > Data and select your media download options.
For iOS: Settings > Data > Media .

6. How to understand that the interlocutor is not who he claims to be

Almost everyone can use a “temporary number” or a special application to receive an SMS activation code. To check if your friend has a real number, you just need to call him. Temporary virtual numbers are almost always inactive.

7. How to silence the speakerphone when listening to voice messages

Everything is quite simple: put the phone to your ear – WhatsApp will turn off the speakerphone and whisper audio through the phone’s speakers. How does he know you put the phone to your ear? This app knows a lot more than you think.

8. How to quickly find important messages

It happens that half an hour digging through the correspondence to find an important message . Don’t waste time: highlight the message you want and tap the star at the top of the screen. Now it can be found quickly when you select the Selected messages line in the main menu.

9. How to find out who reads your personal correspondence

Open the menu and click on the WhatsApp Web line If the app prompts you to go to web.whatsapp , scan the QR code and view WhatsApp from your computer, you’re fine. This means that no one else is reading your WhatsApp from their computer using WhatsApp Web.

If you see the Computers tab on the screen and a list of sessions (connections) that you did not create yourself (not to be confused with your own connections to WhatsApp Web), this is a reason to suspect that someone else has used your smartphone and is reading your WhatsApp from your laptop.

10. How to get access to new “superpowers” earlier than others

For activists, pioneers and athletes, WhatsApp has launched a beta version of the application. With it, you can try out new features before they become available to everyone. Please note that the beta version may contain bugs and you will have to test them yourself. To access it, go to the WhatsApp Beta page, click on the “Become a Tester” button and download or update the app from the Play Store.

We hope you take advantage of these features to help keep your WhatsApp safe and make your communication brighter.

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