10 cool WhatsApp tips you never knew existed

By | June 2, 2021

WhatsApp is the most popular instant messenger in the world that most people use for plain text messaging. Meanwhile, it has a lot of non-obvious useful features that few people know about. We have collected 10 cool WhatsApp tips that make using the program more convenient and can really help out in some cases.

The Highlighted e text bold / italics / strikethrough

Any text you send can be formatted; to do this, you need to put the following characters in front and behind it:

  • _text_ – for italics ;
  • * text * – to be bold ;
  • ~ text ~ – for strikethrough .

Disable autoloading files for economy and traffic

By default, WhatsApp automatically saves files sent to you, which consumes internet traffic. For users of tariffs with a limited number of gigabytes, this can be critical.

To disable autoloading: go to Settings , select Data and storage , in the Media autoload section, select Mobile network , uncheck the Photo box , and click OK.

Message preview

A preview of incoming WhatsApp messages is displayed not only on the turned on screen, but also on the lock screen. It can be inconvenient if there are strangers with you, what if they see too much?

To enable / disable message previews – go to: Settings – Notifications , select Pop-up notifications , and select the desired item:

Adding messages to favorites

If you use Telegram, you probably saw a separate Saved Messages chat there , where you can drop everything important . For some reason, there is no such function in Whatsapp, but there is a Favorites tab – you can save important messages into it, which you will have to return to someday.

To add a message, click on it, and on the panel that appears on top, click the asterisk :

To view selected messages, go to the chat from which we added something, click on the contact’s name, and in the menu that appears, select Favorites :

If this item is not in the list, it means that no messages were transferred to favorites in this chat.

View all messages in a group chat from an individual contact

To do this, open the desired chat, go to its settings, select Search , and enter the user’s name or nickname. You can also specify the desired word / phrase if we need to find a specific text.

Location sharing

H ezamenimaya feature, if it is necessary to designate a meeting place: find where the source now, or vice versa – send him a geopozitsiyu.

To do this: in the correspondence, press the paperclip ( Attach ), and select the Location :

Changing your chat wallpaper

If you are tired of the standard wallpaper, you can replace it. To do this, go to Settings – Chats – Wallpapers , choose the appropriate one from the proposed options, or upload your picture:

Read report

Check marks appear under each of your messages. They are of 3 types:

  •  Message sent
  •  the message has been delivered to the recipient’s phone (in a group chat it appears when the message has been delivered to the phones of all recipients)
  •  message read (in group chat, appears when the first participant reads the message)

In addition to the checkboxes, you can see additional information about any sent message. To do this, you need to open a chat, hold your finger on the desired message, press 3 dots on the panel that appears at the top, and select Data :

If you have sent an audio file and the recipient has listened to it, the Data will show Played . The rest of the infa is about the same as it is clear from the checkboxes in the dialogue, only in words and in more detail.

Mark message as unread + pin chat to top

The ability to mark a message as unread can come in handy if:

  • you were offered to meet (for example), you have already read this, but you don’t like the offer, you don’t want to refuse, and you decided to elegantly freeze;
  • you have read something important, but there is no time to delve into / answer now, and you decided to do it later.

You can read messages so that the sender does not know about it in the following ways:

  1. Open a chat by disconnecting the Internet before this or by selecting the “Airplane” mode. Since the message has already arrived, you will read it, but the sender will not have 2 blue check marks.
  2. P rochitat that piece, which is visible in the chat list. E If the message is long – you will only see a small part of it, but sometimes it can be and realize that you do not want to open. To see everything , you can install the Watsap widget on your desktop and read the messages in full (unless you can open video or audio). The sender will not see blue check marks until you go to the chat. True, if you receive a lot of messages, you will only see the last one.
  3. Just mark the message as unread. To do this, you need to open the desired chat, calmly read the message, then go back to the list of dialogs, hold your finger on the desired contact, and select ” Mark as unread “.

With guards ix dialogue and ( export chat)

If you delete WhatsApp from your phone, you can create a copy of it to save important correspondence.

To do this, select: Settings – Shooting – Backup chats, and click Backup :

The correspondence will be saved to Google Drive, after which it can be restored after reinstalling the application or when downloading WhatsApp to a new phone.

Another option – the correspondence can be saved in a .txt file and sent by e-mail. To do this, you need to go to the desired chat (personal or group), go to its settings, and select Export chat (can be found in the More tab ).

What other useful WhatsApp tricks do you know? Let us know in the comments.

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